Lost your wallet? ReWallet saves crypto assets of a BTC-ECHO reader

It’s the horror of all bitcoiners. Just checked the wallet status and then said: “Access denied”, access is denied. This is what happened to our reader Andreas Kappis until he became aware of ReWallet via BTC-ECHO. And lo and behold: With the wallet professionals, Andreas’s ordeal finally turns to a happy ending.

One day, during a routine check of his wallet stand, Andreas got the bad news: Wallet access was denied. Its bitcoin, which is within reach, seems lost forever. Andreas tries everything in his power, but what does it mean: “Not your keys, not your coins”. Without wallet access, there is no Bitcoin either. Andreas is desperate and, after many unsuccessful attempts, closes the matter. Through a contribution to BTC-ECHO, he finally got to ReWallet, who make the impossible possible and save his Bitcoin. Unfortunately, what Andreas experienced is not an isolated incident, but should encourage fellow sufferers. Because with the right experts at your side, digital wallets can often be reanimated. But one after anonther.

Andreas Kappis is 37 years old and comes from the Celle area. He had already written off his Bitcoin by the time he came across ReWallet.

Shock at the wallet check

Andreas became aware of Bitcoin in 2018 through a friend. Andreas followed the advice and became the proud owner of 1.34 Bitcoin. He bought the Bitcoin from a provider that is no longer active. In order to keep an eye on his wallet while on the move, Andreas finally changes providers and transfers his coins.

Andreas checked his account almost every day. One day in June 2019 the shock: “During the lunch break, I looked at my cell phone and got no connection to the wallet, instead I got an error message.” Minutes and attempts go by, but: “It just didn’t work”. Even hours later, no trace of the Bitcoin.

Gradually Andreas panic after all. After a sleepless night, he uses his Seed Phrase to create a new wallet address, but: “Balance was zero”. So no Bitcoin on the wallet. “I didn’t know whether to burst into tears,” he says of his situation at the time.

Days and weeks go by, but Bitcoin is still a long time coming. “I restored five wallets, but the balance was always zero”. And so months go by in which looking at the Bitcoin price development becomes more and more torture.


Andreas Glück: He kept taking screenshots of his transactions. “I don’t know why I did it, but it helped me afterwards”. A lot of hard work was needed to reconstruct its old history, but at some point “I also found the old e-mails”. In this way he could at least keep track of the fact that the Bitcoin still had to be on his wallet, which he still had no access to.

But misfortune seldom comes alone. Another problem: the two-factor authentication, because Andreas no longer had his old cell phone. “That’s it”, Andreas was at the end of his life. He said to himself “Shit happens” and booked his BTC investment as a bitter lesson.

The turn

At the beginning of 2021, when the Bitcoin price exploded again, Andreas got the tip from a friend ReWallet to turn on. Andreas was initially suspicious: “Who else can help me? And anyway, I don’t give out my private data to anyone I don’t know ”. But when his friend explained to him that he only had to pay if ReWallet was successful, he thought: “I have nothing to lose”. And so the horror story develops into a Hollywood story.

The initial skepticism subsided during the first conversation with ReWallet, whose commitment Andreas immediately won over. The contract will be sent to him immediately afterwards. He was impressed with the approach: “I was also told that they don’t start until we have a contract. For me that was the first point where I said, okay, that definitely builds trust ”.

An intense phase begins in which Andreas and ReWallet are in constant email and telephone contact and in which he has the feeling that “the boys won’t go to sleep before the matter is done”. Then, after almost a month, Andreas is already in bed when he receives a call. ReWallet is on the other end: “We have re-established access to your wallet, your Bitcoin is saved”. Andreas tweaks himself, receives the access data and then “a mega moment”: The bitcoins are back!

ReWallet: There is a solution for almost every problem

Andrea’s story full of ups and downs is symptomatic of the crypto space. How many exactly share his fate cannot be said. The on-chain data service provider Chainalysis estimates the share of all “lost” Bitcoin at up to 3.7 million BTC – according to this, every fifth Bitcoin would be considered “missing”.

The myth of the eternally lost Bitcoin persists. ReWallet proves otherwise. With meticulousness, a sense of detectiveism and commitment, the wallet rescuers try to find a tailor-made solution for every individual problem. There is no such thing as a scheme F. Every case is a new challenge. ReWallet cannot guarantee success, and the specialists cannot conjure up wallet access out of nowhere. You need a foundation, the more clues and information, the better.

Those affected do not take any risk: ReWallet only charges a commission of 20 percent of the rescued wallet inventory if the wallet has been successfully restored. To do this, the professionals throw all of their know-how, experience and tools into the balance. Hopeless hodlers like Andreas can only win.

An inquiry is almost always worthwhile, especially since it can be completed in a few minutes. After completing a short questionnaire on the Website The team will check, free of charge and without obligation, whether there is a chance of restoring the wallet and will get back to you with its assessment within a short time. Have you lost your wallet too? Then start your non-binding inquiry on: www.rewallet.de

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