Louane always sexier and looked in mini skirt and vinyl blouse (Oulala!): Woman Current Le MAG

Louane did not wait for fashion week to impress! For several days, the 23-year-old woman offers a parade of trendier outfits than ever. A glimpse of her dressing room which confirms her status as a seasoned fashionista. Since then, his Instagram account has turned into an album listing all the trends to adopt for this spring-summer 2020 season.

When she's not wearing a little cardigan with a retro twist, the artist revealed in the show The Voice swear by little tops with balloon sleeves. Whether on a white shirt with wide lapel collar or a navy blue and white gingham blouse, it is making a very muscular fashion return! And even when the sparkling Northerner finds himself on the set of his new single Give me your heart, it comes out the short sleeves inflated to block.

Very close to her virtual community, Louane was quick to share the backstages from his last clip. After igniting the canvas by revealing her underwear under a transparent plastic blouse, Louane continues to be more daring and sexy than ever. The beautiful blonde has revealed a second look worn in her video. As a sexy mom of her rank, the singer swapped her Saharan-style dress for a wispy mini skirt and a totally explosive top !

Louane a sexy and reckless fashionista

She is definitely ready to do anything to compete with Vitaa, queen of the charts and looks that are both improbable and trendy. For her return to the front of the stage, Louane released the big game where the original pieces are queens. One of the highs chosen for the shooting of his latest hit speaks for itself. Adorned with a pretty Peter Pan collar and puffy sleeves, this vinyl blouse has attracted all the favors of the artist.. A flashy orange piece that perfectly brings out her porcelain complexion as well as the blonde of her gradient. With this Maison Cléo top, the young mother shows that she is as comfortable in a sweatshirt as in a more fitted blouse.

If before going on camera, Louane had taken the gamble to mix this very original blouse with a wispy black mini-skirt that we already know, she preferred psychedelic pants spotted with multicolored paint.

Sexy, daring and ultra-lookée, Louane was once again unanimous with this outfit could not be more original. "The most beautiful", "I love", "This just hot blouse!", "A real beauty", were quick to comment on his many followers. There is no doubt, Louane makes a comeback most smashing!

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