Louane crazy about Florian Rossi: revelations about her “incredible guy”

Since December 22, it is possible to have access to the audio adaptation of the children’s novel Corba – Island of the Magus by Rémi Faure. It is Louane who was chosen to tell this adventure story. A great first for the 25-year-old singer and actress who earned her a promotional tour. But inevitably, when Louane is in an interview, it is difficult for her to escape questions about her private life being the mother of a little Esmée (born in March 2020) and being in a relationship with the musician Florian Rossi.

Louane did not hesitate to praise his darling during his interview with Gala published this Thursday, December 30, 2021. “Overall I’m right in my boots, I’m good in my life. I am happy. I have an amazing guy, an amazing girl“, she summed up to our colleagues. With Florian, Louane really found a shoulder to rest on and a nice balance.”To be honest, he almost takes more care of our daughter than I do“, admits the pretty blonde. And to add:”At home, we never ask ourselves these kinds of questions. Who does the dishes ? Who does the cleaning ? We are in an egalitarian relationship. It is quite natural. I know how lucky I am! I live in a real cocoon“.

It was in 2017 that Louane and Florian Rossi’s paths crossed for the first time. The musician was then in a relationship and Louane for his part fell in love with him. “I met him, it was in 2017, in July or in August 2017. I am between my first and my second album, my second album will be released in the fall, and I will start a new tour, precisely I meeting to play for me. It was a real blow. One-sided love at first sight“, she explained in the podcast Bliss Stories, before continuing: “Afterwards I was so stupid, it was horrible, I was with my manager, we asked her questions (…) I was unable to ask them. He was hired right away.“But Florian Rossi is in a relationship at the time which was very difficult for the new coach of The Voice Kids. “Eight months of secrets, of saying nothing and keeping everything to myself (…) He was with someone so for me it was not possible. I think it has been seen in a few small moments but I made sure that it was not captured“, she explained. Finally, they ended up forming a couple and in March 2020 their little girl Esme was born.

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