Louane is back with "Give me your heart"

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The singer Louane is finally back in music after a long period of absence. His new song "Give me your heart" should delight more than one.

Good news ! Louane finally returns with musical novelty. While waiting for her third album scheduled for fall 2020, the singer unveils a new song accompanied by a clip: "Give me your heart." This title is very hovering and reveals sounds much more electro than what we used to hear from Louane. The song was produced in collaboration with Damso, author of the lyrics. Regarding the clip, the young artist called on the director Damien Krisl who previously worked for Dior and Lancôme.

Louane therefore knew how to surround herself with the best and the result is effective, it must be admitted. Her voice, now recognizable among a thousand, matches perfectly with these sounds never seen before in the 23-year-old singer's world. We hadn't heard anything new from Louane in two years since that was when she released her latest album and completed her very last tour. It's a new era for Louane who seems inspired like never before. While waiting for the release of his next album, scheduled for fall 2020, and the announcement of a forthcoming tour, we invite you to discover the captivating clip of "Give me your heart." A nugget!

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Video by Clemence chevallet