Louane transformed, she changes her look for her big return to the cinema (PHOTO)

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On the poster of the new film by Jean-Pierre Améris, Louane appeared in the trailer with a new coloring. A bold look very trendy this summer.

Louane Emera will star in Jean-Pierre Améris’ film Marie-Line and her judge. A dramatic comedy, in theaters on October 11, in which she plays the role of a young 20-year-old waitress who meets a grumpy and depressed judge played by Michael White. A return to the cinema for Louane, who had not been in a film since The Hungry in 2018. The one who obtained the César Award for Best Female Hope for his role in The Aries Family is eagerly awaited in this new feature film!

In the official trailer, we can see Louane with a surprising look. Indeed, the young woman appears with long pink hair. A bold coloring for which she had already cracked a few years ago. It must be said that the singer is a fan of hair transformations, and that she does not hesitate to go from polar blond to red, or from long to short.

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Louane loves the trendy summer color

Already seen on Marion Cotillard at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, pink hair is very trendy this spring-summer 2023. They can be worn on short or long hair, with pastel or more flashy highlights and bring a pepsy touch to the hair. If, like Louane, you have blonde or light brown hair, you can achieve a semi-permanent pink color. On the other hand, if you have darker hair, you will have to go through the discoloration stage so that the pink pigments are sufficiently visible.

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