Louis at his worst, he breaks down and bursts into tears all day

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The competition is increasingly difficult for the students of Star Academy. Lately it was Louis who broke down and burst into tears all day.

The students of the star Academy are less and less numerous in the castle of Dammaries-les-Lys. Since the beginning of the adventure, they have made enormous progress thanks to the various singing, dancing, theater and stage expression lessons. But sometimes, competition is toughe and several students have already cracked. We were able to see Léa burst into tears several times but also Julien very moved during the prime where he sang with his brother as well as during the debrief that followed.

Lately, it’s Louis who couldn’t hold back his tears. This Monday, November 14, he completely fell in the arms of his best friend of the Enola adventure. Indeed, the young candidate has completely questioned himself and he is very afraid of evaluations. This week, the students must tell their story through a performance and Louis told his friend: “I suck, everything I write sucks” He further explained that he was “super sick” and that he thus had no more voice. The young man felt bad all day, during sports lessons, then during singing lessons. He only recovered at the end of the day, after the announcement of the guests of the next bonus: Claudio Capéo, Marc Lavoine, Clara Luciani, Patrick Bruel and Vianney.

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Louis comforted by Adeline Toniutti in the Star Academy

Louis burst into tears again in front of Adeline Toniutti, explaining: “I’m fed up, I never get sick”. The singing teacher then reassured Louis by saying that his voice would come back tomorrow. “It’s normal to have slack, you’re tired”she explained to him.

She then advised him: “Transcend your heart to be relaxed and less hard on yourself. What’s best for you is that you don’t sing. You calm down, you trust yourself. If you don’t pull on your vocal cords, in 24 hours they recover”. Words that did a lot of good to the candidate who followed his advice to successfully sing again as soon as possible.


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