Louis shares his one-on-one reunion with Enola

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It’s very simple, these two are inseparable. While they have just left the castle, Enola and Louis have already found each other, and Louis did not hesitate to share this moment.

Don’t leave without me, let me follow you…this Saturday, November 26, the students of Star Academy sang their anthem for the very last time in the grand finale of this tenth edition. Since Anisha was named the big winner, the academicians have returned to their lives, more or less quiet.

But viewers have noticed, strong friendships have been created during the adventure. There is Léa and Tiana, who are still in contact, the trio Cenzo, Stan and Chris, but also and above all the emblematic duo Enola and Louis. The young man is more than active since his release at the castle, and, after having made revelations about coming out, the latter shared an Instagram story which delighted fans of the show.

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Louis and Enola, a one-on-one reunion

Louis and Enola lived a real friendly love at first sight within the castle, from day one. They were an unfailing support for each other, pushed each other to give the best of themselves, to achieve great performances during the evaluations and exceptional bonuses every Saturday evening. The two also confided in each other a lot throughout the show and found each other on a lot of points. Sensitive, hard-working, talented and generous, Louis and Enola formed the adorable duo of this season 10and more than anything, loved it.

It is therefore no surprise that the pair kept in touch after the show, and was quick to reunite. It is now via their social networks that fans of the academicians can follow them on a daily basis, and no longer on their TV, every day at 5:30 p.m. All of them are generally quite active, and Louis is one of those who share a lot with their community. And this Wednesday, November 30the subscribers of the unconditional fan of Celine Dion, were treated to a nice surprise.

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Louis has indeed found his partner Enola at the restaurant. The two did not linger any longer, but Louis still wanted to post a small photo of his darling in the story. You can see them duringa friendly, one-on-one lunch. A beautiful reunion that made the fans happy.


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