Louis van Beethoven: That's why the film biography with Tobias Moretti is worthwhile

Louis van Beethoven
That is why the film biography with Tobias Moretti is worthwhile

"Louis van Beethoven": The young pianist Colin Pütz (right) plays the child prodigy of Bonn's childhood days, Anselm Bresgott (left) the rebellious Beethoven of the Viennese period and Tobias Moretti (center) the lonely patriarch at the end of his life.

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The biography "Louis van Beethoven" tells of the life of the exceptional artist. Why switching on is also worthwhile for those new to classical music.

The later exceptional composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827, "9th Symphony") was born at the end of 1770 in the baroque residence city of Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia. This year marks the 250th anniversary of his birthday. He wrote such important pieces as the ode "To Joy", that Schiller poem set to music and the finale of Beethoven's last symphony, which is now the hymn of the European Union. The fictional biopic "Louis van Beethoven" (December 25th, 8:15 pm, the first) looks behind the musician myth on Christmas Day today.

Three phases of life

The historical drama by author, director and "Tatort" specialist Niki Stein (59) portrays a musical genius in flashbacks who is becoming more and more aware of what he can do. "Beethoven was one of the first to make a living as a freelance composer without a permanent position," emphasizes Volker Herres (63), program director for the First German Television.

The film "Louis van Beethoven" focuses on three phases of life. On the one hand, the story is told from the perspective of the young genius who grew up in the late 18th century in a time of political upheaval on the eve of the French Revolution. The child prodigy was embodied in his childhood days in Bonn by the young pianist Colin Pütz (13). Beethoven's rebellious phase during his time in Vienna is played by Anselm Bresgott (born 1999). And actor Tobias Moretti (61) embodies the deaf, lonely patriarch trapped in an uncomfortable family constellation, who looks back on his life.

"One does not really realize that Beethoven died quite young, at least for our understanding. It is unimaginable what it must have meant for a person with this genius, this thirst for freedom, this relentless artistic claim, over decades or hardly anything nothing to be heard. How he worked through the adversities of such a life, how evil and avarice developed from it, that's already oppressive, "explains Tobias Moretti, who himself began studying composition at the University of Vienna before going to the Acting switched.

Great cast

Every other role in the film biography is well cast. Among other things, Ronald Kukulies (49, "Tatort: ​​Borowski and the Festival of the North") convinces as Beethoven's father and singer Johann / Jean van Beethoven (1740-1792). Cornelius Obonya (51, "I've never been to New York") can be seen as Beethoven's loving youngest brother Nikolaus Johann van Beethoven (1776-1848).

Ulrich Noethen (61, "Comedian Harmonists") plays the composer, conductor and Beethoven teacher Christian Gottlob Neefe (1748-1798). Silke Bodenbender (46, "The Invisible Girl") shines as Beethoven's patron Helene von Breuning (1750-1838). "Ku'damm" star Sabin Tambrea (36) rebels as the wild musician Tobias Pfeiffer. And Manuel Rubey (41, "Leberkäsjunkie") definitely rocks another exceptional musician of his time, the Salzburg composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).


It pays to tune in, because the biopic is entertaining, top cast, you learn new things about the passionate, quick-tempered and wistful artist and the best: Despite the anniversary year, the film is no adulation of the exceptional composer.