Louise Orgeval (large families) in the emergency room after cosmetic surgery

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Louise Orgeval, discovered in the show Large Families: Life in XXL, had to go to the emergency room after undergoing cosmetic surgery. We will explain everything to you.

Louise Orgeval was discovered on the hit show Large families: life in XXL. Since her time on the show, the mother has shared her daily life with her subscribers on her social networks. And after announcing good news for her daughter Noée with Down syndrome, or having revealed the violent anonymous letter she received, this time, Louise Orgeval confided in an aesthetic subject.

Indeed, the mother of six children revealed to have had recourse to a cosmetic surgery operation, in order to remove the excess skin on her eyelids. “You probably don’t see it thanks to the filters (which I basically put on to hide my eyes), but I have excess skin and fat on my upper eyelids. I will therefore be less present and above all less presentable”, declared Louise Orgeval to her community. But after undergoing this intervention, the mother had to go to the emergency room.

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Louise Orgeval in the emergency room after her operation: what happened?

Quite close to her community, Louise Orgeval did not hesitate to confide to her subscribers that everything did not go as planned. “I did what is called blepharoplasty because I had pockets of fat and suddenly excess skin”, says Louise Orgeval. She goes on to reveal the price of her surgery: “I had surgery at the Jean Lebon clinic in Dax and for the price, it’s 2,200 euros. It’s not excessive either, but if it makes you feel better and have less discomfort”.

Unfortunately for the mom, her stitches have dropped! “I did something stupid, it’s all my fault. But the scar on that side fully reopened Friday night. I spent the night in the emergency room. Finally I spent three hours in the emergency room so that finally they asked me three poor strips. I’ve been like this since Friday night. It’s my fault, I’m going to get yelled at by my surgeon. But it calmed me down, believe me.”, concludes Louise Orgeval without revealing what she did to open her scar.

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