Love horoscope: 3 zodiac signs that have low standards in love

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3 zodiac signs who have too low standards in love

Love Horoscope: The wrong expectations about love can lead to toxic relationships.

Some people are constantly in love or in a relationship – but still unhappy. Zodiac signs, in particular, repeatedly place too low demands on a relationship.

Many enjoy being single to the fullest, while others do not like being alone and would like to have a partner by their side again quickly after the end of a relationship. The process of searching is particularly difficult for some, after all it can be anything but easy to open up again and again. What expectations we have of our date and love is also influenced by the stars.

Love horoscope: Low expectations can result in toxic relationships

Expectations when it comes to dating is a tricky one, because too high demands mean we may never find the right person, and too low standards can damage our psyche and even end up in a toxic relationship. In the video we tell you which three zodiac signs particularly often have too low expectations.

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