“Love is in the meadow” 2023: a suitor of Patrice falls under the spell of another candidate: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Certainly, so many twists and turns in this season 18 of Love is in the meadow ! One thing is certain, viewers have no time to get bored, and even less so in the episode broadcast Monday September 25, 2023 on M6. Already available on 6play Max, We find Patrice there, on his farm located in Eure, with his suitors Justine and Véronique, between whom the understanding is not really good. Warning, spoilers! In this episode, viewers will be able to discover Charles, who was not lucky enough to receive the letters. He visits Patrice, with whom he became good friends from the start of the adventure. It is therefore quite natural that the breeder looking for true love will entrust him with his little preference. “I have a slight preference for Justine”, he told her. “I have changed since Sunday, I am no longer the same man.” If Charles’ visit delighted Patrice, it did not leave one of the dairy cow breeder’s suitors indifferent.

A little weakness for Charles?

Indeed, if Patrice was worried about disappointing Véronique by choosing Justine, Don’t worry for too long! Indeed, the latter could well have had a little crush on Charles. “He’s a funny guy. I find him very nice. He looks very funny tooI hope it will lighten the mood a little and that we will have a very, very good evening”, she confided in front of the cameras. As for Charles, he also seemed to like Véronique. “I had a lot of fun in the evening, that’s for sure […] I was going there with a good heart,” he told the cameras. “And with one of his two suitors, I saw that there was perhaps already in the look […] I don’t know, maybe he liked me a lot, but I arrived at Patrice’s house, it was to party, not to look at his suitors. It’s inconceivable to get closer to his suitors, they are his suitors.” So, will he fall for Véronique? Will Véronique abandon Patrice for Charles? To be continued in future episodes…

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