Love is in the meadow 2023: Christelle very angry with Jean-Paul (Spoiler): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

From speed dating, Jean-Paul had fallen for Christelle and Maria, and so it was without hesitation that he invited them to discover his daily life on the farm. If his heart was especially inclined towards Maria, it was ultimately with Christelle that he exchanged a first kiss. Behavior that even shocked viewers! One thing is certain, boredom has no place in this season 18 of Love is in the meadow. Indeed, in the episode which will be broadcast on Monday September 25, 2023 but already available on 6playMaxwe can see you thereir Christelle being very angry with Jean-Paul. The farmer has decided to invite his two suitors to spend the evening in a tavern, but the journey to get there is somewhat… chaotic. Jean-Paul being behind the wheel, Christelle did not fail to tell him that she found his driving dangerous.

“It’s the worst thing anyone’s ever done to me.”

After passing by an intimate moment in his car with Christelle, Jean-Paul wanted to change things up and invite the two chosen ones of his heart to a tavern. He won’t have to rely on his driving skills to seduce his suitors! “You scared me, […] This is the worst thing anyone has done to me.” commented Christelle. Obviously very angry with the farmer, and above all very frightened by his conduct, she spent the journey hiding her eyes, refusing to look at the road. Maria, not holding a grudge, did not hesitate to reassure her. Christelle then confides to him that she “can’t stand the speed” because she was in a car accident. Did the journey destabilize her regarding her story with Jean-Paul? In any case, the tavern evening does not really seem to have convinced the two women. Indeed, one of them will announce to Jean-Paul that she is going to leave the farm, despite the feelings she feels for him… A heartbreaking moment which risks moving the viewers… who have decidedly not no respite from the twists and turns of this season 18.

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