Love is in the meadow: a former farmer will make his acting debut

While season 18 of Love is in the meadow began its broadcast on August 21, a farmer from the previous edition offered on M6 recently spoke on the set of Do not touch My TV facing Cyril Hanouna. If he had come to comment on the weekly episode of the program that made him known, this candidate quickly returned to his own experience on the show from which he did not emerge as one of the viewers’ favorite candidates. He then spoke about his daily life since the end of his participation, a recently turned daily life upside down by adding a new line to your CV: Alain “le Breton”, the candidate in question, was in fact contacted to play in a Japanese series.

The one who is now a horse breeder will soon be featured in the Japanese program called Smile to lifewhich finished filming this summer. “The filming took place last June in Quiberon and Brocéliande” he said, specifying that this program intended for his Japanese audience will be educational, since this one can “learn French” thanks to the series. Finally, with West Francethe peasant who left unmarried from Love is in the meadow said he hoped to return TPMP to discuss this project which currently has neither a broadcaster nor a release date.

A cause dear to him

If this reconversion is excellent news for Alain, it is also of great importance for him because of this very important educational aspect for Alain le Breton. Learning French actually concerns him directly, as he explains when looking back at his family history. “My mother, Marie Chicoine, came from Loscouët and my father from Trémorel. My parents only spoke Gallo” he mentions. The former M6 candidate had to learn French “at school”. From now on, he is the one who will teach French to others.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: Screenshot / TPMP

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