Low price on the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse with its dock

The right plan

Although ultimately fairly classic in appearance for a gaming mousethis mouse Razer is full of little touches and features specially designed for gamers.

Impossible not to underline his gamer DNA with its taut lines and aggressive design, but the strength of the Viper Ultimate resides elsewhere. First of all, this is a pure mouse ambidextrousequipped with 2 buttons on the edge left and on the right edge. Left-handers can therefore configure their macros on these and use them freely. The edges are also provided with a non-slip surface ensuring perfect grip in the heat of the moment, which are replaceable if necessary, increasing the longevity tenfold.

Also impossible not to point his lightweightannounced at only 74 grams, perfect for players who make quick moves. Of course, for the latter, the 20,000 DPI Focus+ sensor is a major ally to ensure its supremacy in FPS or MOBA. Additionally, the mouse comes with a cable speedflexbeing forgotten as it is flexible, and allowing recharging to ensure the 70 hours of battery life promised by the battery. Of course, to link business with pleasure, the Razer Viper Ultimate can also be based on dock also used for charging. Add to that some optical switches for flawless responsiveness and increased longevity and you’ve got a champion. Come on, let’s drive the point home with a RGB lighting beautifully crafted on the mouse and on the station for a setup unmistakable style.

Launched at the “Ultimate” rate of €169.99the Razer Viper Ultimate is clearly not intended for all budgets. Fortunately, Amazon thinks of gamers who have spent all their money on a graphics card, and offers a 55% reduction on this field mouse. The Razer Viper Ultimate is thus more accessible than ever to only €75.98.

Its strengths, according to Digital

  • Satisfactory battery life for a gaming mouse.
  • Good grip comfort for such a light mouse.
  • Elastomeric coating on the edges.
  • Fast and precise optical sensor.
  • Wireless connection as fast as a wired connection.
  • Really ambidextrous: 2 buttons on each edge.
  • Magnetic, compact and practical charging base.

The reserves of the same Digital

  • Slice buttons not necessarily easy to operate.
  • Sensitivity change button under the mouse.
  • Charging base now optional (yet included at no extra cost with the first versions of the mouse).

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