Low prices: La France Insoumise welcomes Emmanuel Macron’s announcements

La France insoumise welcomed Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on floor prices on Saturday, seeing it as proof that “the fight pays”, three months after having tabled a bill to regulate the purchase price of agricultural raw materials to producers. “A few weeks ago, Minister Marc Fesneau was still opposed to their implementation. Today, the President of the Republic has just announced that he wants to implement these floor prices. We take note of this change of position , acquired by the vigorous struggles of farmers,” the radical left movement said in a statement.

In the morning, the Head of State formulated from the Agricultural Show the objective “that we can achieve” “floor prices which will make it possible to protect agricultural income”. These “floor prices” would be based on production cost indicators on which each sector (poultry, milk, beef, etc.) agrees to objectify farmers’ production costs.

“Why did we do everything to torpedo our proposed law on this subject last November”

At the end of November, LFI proposed a text to vote aimed in particular at regulating the margins of distributors and the agri-food industry, and at establishing “more remunerative” floor prices for farmers. The text was rejected by 168 votes to 162, in particular because of the Macronist majority, while its various articles had been approved individually. The Minister Delegate responsible in particular for Consumer Affairs, Olivia Grégoire, denounced measures reminiscent of “Cuba or the Soviet Union with the successes we know of them”.

“Why did we do everything to torpedo our proposed law on this subject last November,” LFI coordinator Manuel Bompard asked again about X. “Our farmers would have gained precious months. Permanent improvisation is enough,” he added.

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