Low-risk vacation: In 7 countries the incidence is still below 30

Sweden, Croatia, Austria: Delta numbers are exploding in more and more holiday countries – 7 still report an incidence below 30

Where can I still go? In view of the ever-growing list of corona risk areas, many ask themselves that. Where the incidences are currently still low – and which rules apply there for vacation.

First Portugal and Spain, now also the Netherlands, Greece and parts of Denmark: According to the RKI, more and more European countries are considered corona risk areas. Traveling there is not prohibited. However, many Germans have respect for vacationing in the risk area: Two thirds of the survey by the polling institute YouGov refuse to travel to a region classified as a risk area.

But even beyond the official risk areas, the selection of potential holiday destinations with low incidences is getting smaller and smaller. The number of cases is increasing sharply almost everywhere. Only a few popular holiday destinations report fewer than 30 new infections per week and 100,000 inhabitants. FOCUS Online shows what these are – and what rules you have to observe when entering and returning.

1. Sweden

“The development in the pandemic is steadily going in the right direction,” the government in Stockholm had recently announced. And in fact, the numbers in the country, with its often harshly criticized and very liberal handling of the coronavirus, have fallen significantly after lengthy problems with high incidences. The authorities give them nationwide with 23.4 for the past seven days on.

The corona measures in the country are still very moderate: there is no mask requirement, the other restrictions are comparatively permissive. There are no entry restrictions for travelers from Germany and other EU countries. Tourists only have to present proof of vaccination or a negative PCR or antigen rapid test that is not more than 72 hours old.

2. Norway

With a 7-day incidence of 23.3 Norway is also doing relatively well compared to most other countries in Europe. In general, the Scandinavian country got through the corona crisis numerically unscathed. To keep it that way, the entry requirements for tourists were very strict for a long time. Recently, Germans have been able to vacation in Norway again. Just like several other EU countries, the Norwegians recently classified Germany as “green” again.

This means that you can re-enter from these states without having to be quarantined. Anyone entering the country, with the exception of those who have been vaccinated or recovered, must fill out an entry form and take a rapid corona test at the border. The shops and restaurants are open almost everywhere in Norway without restrictions. Mouth and nose protection must be worn on buses and trains.

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3. Austria

After record levels of more than 500 in November 2020, Austria is also currently doing comparatively well in terms of corona incidence. with Here, too, the 7-day incidence is 28.5 below the 30 mark. The measures in the Alpine republic are correspondingly loose. From July 22nd, the FFP2 mask is even compulsory – also in parts of the retail trade.

Exception: the city of Vienna. Stricter rules still apply here than in the rest of the country. Children have to be tested from the age of six, otherwise the age limit is twelve years. However, anyone who has been tested, vaccinated or recovered can go to hotels, restaurants, concerts and go to the theater.

The number of infections has recently risen again at a low level. The Austrian government expects a fourth wave because of the delta variant. That is why the measures for night gastronomy have recently been refined. You can only get to these bars with a PCR test or vaccination. The return journey to Germany is easy. A test or registration in advance is not necessary.

4. Slovenia

with 20.2 Slovenia officially has one of the lowest incidences among the vacation countries in Europe. However, the small country between the Alps and the Adriatic has just tightened its entry rules again due to the appearance of new variants of the corona virus. Since then, travelers have had to prove that they have either been vaccinated, recovered or tested. Children under the age of 15 and transit travelers are excluded.

Holidays are possible on site under relatively normal conditions: the outdoor catering is open to everyone. The interiors of restaurants, casinos, discos and night clubs can only be used by vaccinated, convalescent or tested people. There are no special requirements for the return trip to Germany, apart from the test obligation for air travelers.

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5. Croatia

The Croatian authorities give the incidence for the country on the blue-green Adriatic Sea currently at 22.3 on. The number of proven infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week is higher than in Germany. Compared to most holiday destinations, however, it is very low.

When entering Croatia, since July 1st, tourists have been required to have a corona certificate, which is valid throughout the EU; regardless of where they come from. However, the certificates issued by the individual countries that prove that the person concerned has been vaccinated, recovered or tested are also accepted. Hotels receive guests without restrictions. Restaurants are allowed to entertain people in their interior areas, with the exception of cafes without food. You are only allowed to operate outside.

Special feature in Croatia: While the overall incidence in the country is low, it is almost 100 in the coastal region of Zadar. Germany therefore classifies the region as a risk area. Anyone returning to Germany from there must present a negative test or proof of vaccination within 48 hours.

6. Bulgaria

Bulgaria currently only counts per 100,000 inhabitants 8.8 detected infections in one week. It is questionable whether this is actually due to such a low circulation of the coronavirus or a lack of testing. But if you want to go on holiday in a country with only a few restrictions, you will find suitable conditions in Bulgaria.

Tourists only need proof of a negative test, a full vaccination or their recovery from Covid-19 disease to enter the country. The restaurants and hotels as well as cultural and sports facilities, however, are open to all customers. At the entrances, there is no check to see whether a visitor has been vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 or tested.

According to official information, the distribution of the delta variant in the south-eastern European country is very low. Customers of supermarkets, shops, pharmacies and banks as well as passengers in public transport must wear mouth and nose protection. However, this rule is not always observed.

7. Germany

Not quite as low as in Bulgaria, but still low in comparison 7-day incidence currently in Germany (13.2). Holidays at home are therefore very popular with many in this second summer of the pandemic. Cumbersome entry rules and tests will then become completely obsolete. Restaurants, hotels and amusement parks in Germany are currently all open without restrictions. A mask only has to be worn when shopping and on public transport.

In order to generally reduce the risk of corona infection while on vacation, virologists recommend three things:

1. Take your car instead of the bus, train or plane. This reduces contact with potentially infected people.

2. Rent an apartment or house instead of staying in a large hotel complex. This also helps to keep the number of contacts low and to minimize the risk of infection.

3. Prefer local destinations instead of long-distance travel. This reduces the risk of the return journey becoming an odyssey due to changed regulations.

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