LR appeals to the campaign accounts committee regarding Macron

Officially, Emmanuel Macron is still not a candidate for re-election. But some accuse him of taking advantage of a president-candidate label to travel throughout France and take the pulse of the population, without these expenses being listed as campaign costs. This is the case with Christian Jacob. The president of the Republicans seized Tuesday the commission of campaign accounts and the Arcom (ex-CSA) to alert them on the expenses related to the travels of the head of state.

The day after a trip to Nice where the Head of State presented his report and announced an increase in the security budget, Christian Jacob noted in his letter, consulted by Agence France-Presse, the “numerous trips and repeated media interventions by the President of the Republic in this pre-electoral period, while there is no doubt that he will be a candidate for his own succession ”.

Christian Jacob very uplifted

“I would like to know the modalities of the controls carried out” by the commission, within the framework of the presidential election, “to ensure that the use of public resources is in accordance with the regulations”, he wrote in this letter to Jean- Philippe Vachia, the president of the CNCCFP.

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He also wishes “to have confirmation that the expenses corresponding to this political activity will be taken into account in the calculation of the authorized funding ceilings”.

Christian Jacob indicates that he also seized Arcom, the new audiovisual and digital policeman (ex-CSA and Hadopi), “in order to know the measures it intends to take to ensure fairness of treatment between the candidates ”and“ count as such the airtime corresponding to the political activity of the President of the Republic ”.

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