LR debate: “It was the 50 shades of Eric Zemmour”, judge Schiappa

The candidates for the LR nomination debated Sunday evening on Europe 1 and CNEWS. Valérie Pécresse, Michel Barnier, Eric Ciotti, Xavier Bertrand and Philippe Juvin exchanged their points of view on the favorite subjects of the right such as immigration or security. And they notably criticized the executive’s record in this area, regretting a lack of results and a lack of will. Invited to Europe Matin on Monday, Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate for Citizenship reacted to these attacks and felt that the candidates “ran” after Eric Zemmour’s proposals.

“Shocked” by certain remarks

“I watched a large part of the debate and it was the 50 shades of Eric Zemmour. We mainly talked about immigration and most of the candidates spent their time chasing after Eric Zemmour’s proposals”, a she judged.

She also said she was “shocked” by certain comments made on Sunday evening, starting with those of Philippe Juvin on a “civilization superior to another”. “I consider that these are not words worthy of a person who wants to be head of state of a great world power”, continued Marlène Schiappa before referring to Valérie Pécresse. “She said that Mali was ‘a problem country’ and that she would not want to welcome any more Malians. Neither workers nor students.”

“False good ideas” on security

On the security proposals precisely, she denounced “false good ideas” such as the establishment of short prison sentences, even for a few weeks. “We know very well that going through prison makes sense and sending a young person to prison for a week, I’m really not sure it’s a deterrent. Someone who knows a little about neighborhood life as it is my case, knows that going to prison is on the contrary sometimes perceived as a medal.”

As for the proposal to go and serve the prison sentences abroad, Marlène Schiappa said she was challenged by this measure. “A sentence pronounced in France must be carried out in France. An expulsion can also be pronounced but we need to know if the people are really in detention. If we send them back to another country over which we have no control, there’s no way to know,” she said. “A person who has been radicalized or who has advocated terrorism, we need to control them and the French intelligence services need to know where they are.”

Candidates who “take up the language elements of the government”

Sunday evening the LR candidates for the nomination also felt that Emmanuel Macron goes on their themes and takes up their proposals, without officially declaring himself a candidate. For Marlène Schiappa, however, it is the opposite. “Michel Barnier or Xavier Bertrand take up the elements of language of the government. Some speak of ‘radical Islamism’, of ‘separatism'”, she raised.

“Xavier Bertrand even said ‘I want to protect those who protect us’ when speaking of the police. This was the watchword of the Fauvegue law, named after a majority deputy whom we had voted with the minister of the Interior. So Xavier Bertrand repeats what Gérald Darmanin said, but less well.

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