Luca: Giovanni Zarrella speaks character in a new Pixar strip

Giovanni Zarrella speaks character in a new Pixar strip

Giovanni Zarrella speaks in “Luca” the Ercole

© The Walt Disney Company / Pixar Animation Studios

The new Pixar film “Luca” starts on Disney + in June. Giovanni Zarrella also plays a role in the German version.

Pixar Animation Studios, known among other things for the “Toy Story” series and “Finding Nemo”, have a new animated film in the pipeline. The comedy takes viewers to Italy and tells the story of a summer in the lives of friends Luca and Alberto. Disney has now announced that singer and presenter Giovanni Zarrella (43) and his younger brother Stefano (30) are synchronizing two of the characters in the German version.

Giovanni Zarrella will lend his voice to the character Ercole, a cheeky village bully. In the meantime, Stefano speaks appropriately to the Ciccio, Ercole’s right hand. How the two will cause chaos can then be seen in the summer. From June 18, “Luca” will be available exclusively to all subscribers on the Disney + streaming service. A taste of the adventure delivers a newly released trailer.

“Luca” was directed by the animation filmmaker and illustrator Enrico Casarosa (50). “It’s a pretty personal story for me,” he explains in a press release, “and not just because the film is set on the Italian Riviera, where I grew up, but because it’s essentially about friendship, which is celebrated here . ” Among other things, the comedy is also about “an unforgettable summer adventure that Luca will fundamentally change”.