Lucibel: With its LED anti-wrinkle masks, Lucibel hopes to find a second youth

(BFM Bourse) – The company “Lucibel.le Paris” announces the signing of a commercial partnership with the Israeli company High Level Skin. Its parent company Lucibel hopes to relaunch with its high-tech anti-wrinkle masks after a successful partnership with Dior.

Declining every year since its IPO in 2014 (carried out at 14.25 euros per share), is Lucibel’s future hidden? Historically positioned in lighting solutions, the specialist in LED technologies is trying to find a second life, with a new use of electroluminescence, this time applied to the field of luxury cosmetics.

In 2021, the company made a strategic shift by launching OVE, an anti-wrinkle LED light mask. With a design by Olivier Lapidus, the product uses red LED light, with a wavelength of 630 nm, which appears to act in synergy with different creams and serums to tone the skin. To better distinguish this new activity from the rest of the Lucibel universe, the company has notably set up a subsidiary, “Lucibel·le Paris” dedicated to cosmetics and well-being. Originally from South Korea, these high-tech masks have been seducing beauty institutes and more recently celebrities for twenty years.

Dior seduced by this technology

“With specific light intensities adapted to the different areas of the face, the OVE mask makes it possible to precisely target the areas to be treated, thus enhancing its effectiveness. Thanks to a sleek design and optimum ergonomics, the OVE mask becomes the accessory essential in the service of beauty, in just two 12-minute sessions per week”, explained Lucibel le Paris during the launch in June 2021, adding that the product had already been “highly noticed by players in the cosmetics sector”. , which could lead to “value-creating partnerships”.

“It is considered the most powerful LED mask on the market”, recalls vogue in an article devoted to these masks of the future.

This new-generation mask particularly won over Dior in December 2021. One of the giant LVMH’s flagship brands has teamed up with Lucibel to offer the OVE mask exclusively at the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc, then in a selection of spas and brand cabins. This association led to a partnership in July 2022, through which Dior will deploy in January 2023, in around thirty countries, the OVE beauty mask from Lucibel.le Paris. In certain markets, Dior will also offer its customers a version of the OVE mask in its stores and on its website.

Credits: Lucibel

A new international partnership

The cosmetics subsidiary of the Lucibel group has made good progress in its marketing strategy for its OVE beauty mask internationally. Lucibel.le Paris announces on Monday that it has signed a commercial partnership with the Israeli company High Level Skin. This new partner intends to distribute, from January 2023, the OVE beauty mask in its versions dedicated to individuals and professionals.

“Professional versions of the beauty mask will be able to equip luxury hotels, spas, hair salons and beauty salons on the Israeli market. An exclusivity has been granted by Lucibel.le Paris to High Level Skin on Israeli territory in exchange of a minimum annual volume of purchases from Lucibel.le Paris” explains Lucibel. This partnership follows the one announced in October with the luxury hotel Constance Prince Maurice, one of the most emblematic palaces in Mauritius.

“The turnover expected in 2023 under these two partnerships, excluding Dior, is around 200,000 euros”, advances Lucibel. “Given the existing sales channels (website and independent direct sales team), the turnover of the cosmetics activity of the Lucibel group, excluding Dior in the luxury sector, is already more than 1 million euros. euros on an annual basis” continues the company.

A new youth for Lucibel with OVE?

In the first half of the year, the subsidiary Lucibel.le Paris recorded growth in its turnover of 5% compared to the first half of 2021. This growth is considered “promising” by Lucibel,” insofar as the salons which have held in the first half of 2022 saw lower attendance than before the health crisis, in an economic context marked by household concerns about their purchasing power.

On the other hand, for the whole of 2022, Lucibel has not come forward to provide the slightest quantified projection after half-year results which are still very degraded. As of June 30, 2022, Lucibel recorded a consolidated operating loss of €1.16 million, compared to a loss of €1.30 million as of June 30, 2021. The net loss was however reduced to 0, 65 million euros thanks to the sale of a plot of land on its Barentin site for an amount of 530,000 euros. Since its creation in 2008 and its listing on the stock exchange in 2014, the company has never managed to generate any profit.

Lucibel hopes to revive itself with its new generation anti-wrinkle mask. “Due to the rapid rise in power of its cosmetics activity, in particular following the partnership with Dior, the profitability of the Lucibel group should improve rapidly” therefore hopes Lucibel.

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