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Lucie Lucas is a woman with convictions, and she doesn't hide it. On her Instagram profile, which has almost 400,000 subscribers, the 34-year-old actress regularly shares her positions. In November 2020, on the sidelines of the protests against police violence, she even went so far as to demand the resignation of Emmanuel Macron. A victim of touching and rape in adolescence, the heroine of Clem is particularly involved in the fight against violence against women. But she is also very concerned with the ecological fight, especially in relation to her children … which she is already preparing for the end of the world. With her husband Adrien, Lucie Lucas has indeed given birth to three pieces of cabbage: Lilou (born in August 2010), Moïra (born in January 2012) and finally Milo (born in March 2018). And it was also during a collaboration with a famous brand of organic beauty products that the actress unveiled the very first photograph of her son!

I am so proud of my wonderful children ”

Tuesday, February 16, 2021, Lucie Lucas posted a new photo on her Instagram account. His fans were delighted to discover the face of little Milo, in the arms of his very smiling mother! "In general I try not to 'use' my relatives for commercial purposes, but with So'Bio Etic I believe that the collaboration goes far beyond …", she writes in the caption of the image. Lucie Lucas is indeed one of the muses of the cosmetics brand, belonging to the Léa Nature group. “So after introducing you to my mom, I present to you Milo, my youngest (I admit, I am so proud of my wonderful children), continues the actress. Indeed, it was already during another collaboration with the organic brand that she had unveiled a rare photo alongside her mother – with whom the resemblance is striking!

"What better way to take care of it than organic, ethical products, packaged in the least polluting way possible for mass distribution, all at an affordable price?", wrote Lucie Lucas, in a long message extolling the merits of the Léa Nature group. “For a better world, you don't have to want multinationals not to exist; they need to be encouraged to register positively in society. I didn’t believe it myself, but they opened their doors to me transparently and proved to me that it was possible ”, concludes the legendary actress of the post, which garnered no less than 15,000 likes in the space of an hour. In the comments, and without much surprise, Internet users have been totally won over by the little boy's face.

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