Lucile (Love is in the meadow): Her warning to future contenders!

Their fate changed two years ago. Jérôme and Lucile fell in love with the cameras of Love is in the meadow 2020, on M6. They never left each other again and even became the happy parents of a little Capucine (born in October 2021). The issuance of dating presented by Karine Le Marchand has changed their lives and Lucile now wishes to send a message to those who are considering trying their luck, like her in the past, with a farmer.

This Friday February 25, 2022, in a story on Instagram, the pretty blonde in a relationship with the 39-year-old market gardener and cereal farmer responds “to anyone asking for advice on how to write to farmers in season 17“whose portraits have already been released.”No matter how or why, write if your heart pushes you! We only live once ! We don’t care about cameras and what will people sayshe lets go. There will always be someone to judge you, even without a camera. Those who judge you are those who envy you and who are jealous of the courage you will have to write and launch yourself for the most beautiful of reasons, love.

And of warn some of the admirers : “Know, for those who would try to override the cameras, that this is not fair or fair.” The former SPA manager specifies that “these gentlemen get naked and take the risk of exposing themselves to the public to find love, so they are looking for a person capable of the same guts and able to show as much will for them“.”If you are not able to go in front of a camera for Monsieur, it means that Monsieur is not for you!“, says Lucile.

Regarding the content of the letter, the thinned young mother advises to put “sincerity” and personality. “It’s a letter of seduction so don’t flaunt your whole life“, she adds with humor. And to conclude: “Better to live fully than to always be afraid, do nothing and miss your chance.“A few encouraging words that will perhaps push contenders to get started and live, who knows, a story as beautiful as that of Jérôme and Lucile!

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