Luck in disguise – Kremser can breathe a sigh of relief before the European Cup Bolzerei

“The Greeks run like crazy for 60 minutes,” team wing Robert Weber knows from his own experience. At the weekend, the people of Krems will receive the Greek cup winner for the European Cup home doubles.

The displaced teeth were straightened in the Vienna General Hospital and fixed with a metal bracket, the lip was sewn up. This is Krems captain Marko Simek’s “souvenir” of the clash with Westwien’s Katic on Wednesday in the Handball-Liga-Austria. He was almost pain free yesterday. He will still be missing for three to four weeks, including the second round of the European Cup home doubles against the Greek cup winner Pylea (Saturday 19, Sunday 18). Defense chief Gabor Hajdu is hopeful – the ligaments in his ankle remain intact. Luck in the double misfortune at 28:22 in West Vienna. After the seventh win in the eighth game, with which the lead was brought back for the time being (with one game more), the self-confidence is right. One year after the unfortunate exit due to an irregular goal from Aarau (Sz), Krems starts the second European Cup adventure. “The Greeks run like crazy for 60 minutes,” says Robert Weber of the cup winner, against whom the team routine with Olympiakos opened the season. And was voted “man of the match” with eight goals in the Supercup. “The double home advantage speaks for Krems!”Talents can show themselvesInstead of Simek, talents like Nikolic and Lippitsch will be able to prove themselves more, coach Ibish Thaqi announced. His assistant Jörg Merten also obtained information from ex-team goalie Thomas Bauer (whose ex-club Fivers also has home advantage twice against Akureyri/Island today and tomorrow in the European Cup), who plays with Weber at Olympiakos and most recently became champion.
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