Ludivine Sagnier talks about Omar Sy

The series "Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene" landed on Netflix on Friday, January 8, 2020. During the event, we spoke with actress Ludivine Sagnier, who plays Claire.

With Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene, Louis Leterrier has embarked on a crazy gamble: to dust off a myth. Doing something never before seen with this cult character (not to say old-fashioned) was not easy and, yet, the challenge was met. If Omar Sy shines in this new Netflix series, Lupine in the shadow of Arsene also brings a special place to supporting roles. Ludivine Sagnier, who plays Claire, looks back on the duo she forms with Omar Sy and on her character, a quiet force far from the roles in which we could have locked her.

Movie actress

born 03/07/1979


How would you describe your character in the series "Lupine: In the Shadow of Arsene?"

Claire is Assane's ex-wife, the hero. She is extremely present in his life, even though they are separated, because she is the mother of her son and they have known each other since childhood. We see the birth of their love story in the image. There is a real bond with them, that’s something obvious. They are both orphans, grew up in a foster home, the idea of ​​family for them is something very strong … Claire has a lot more shoulders to hold this function, unlike Assane. Besides, he knows it and therefore has a distraught confidence in her, but she cannot restore his confidence in him. She is aware that her way of life is open to criticism, even criminal. Although she doesn’t appreciate the extent of his misdeeds, she does know that some shady things are going on in her ex-partner's life.

Claire may be a supporting role, but she is central to the story of Assane. Is that what attracted you to this character?

It’s not the character that attracted me to this series. In fact, I decided to get involved in "Lupine: in the shadow of Arsene having read very little. I had not read the whole series of books at all, for example. Me, this I especially liked it was my meeting with Louis Leterrier (the director of the series, editor's note). He called me to offer me this still-in-development role. I wanted to be on this project from the start because that was him. For me, he was the perfect director to start the series. Then, knowing that Omar Sy was on it also, of course, attracted me too. He is an actor and a person that I love very much. So I really liked the idea of ​​working with him all this time.

Yet it was a hell of a bet, to renew Lupine and the kind of thriller "à la papa" …

It's true, stories of adventures and burglaries, it's a genre that hasn't been covered much lately. But suddenly, it's a little bubble of freshness! The ambition was to give a series the means to revolutionize the genre and that is why I am quite grateful to Netflix and Gaumont for having taken the measure of what this Lupine should be. For giving the team the means to make it visual, light and entertaining at the same time … For me, the contract is fulfilled!

What do you think is a successful female role?

I'm the one asking the questions now: why today should everything be gendered? (Laughs) I think in reality, a successful female role would be one where you don't need to define it as such.

I have always listened to my instincts

You like to alternate opposing roles. For example, with François Ozon, you went from a young ingenuous in "Drops of water on burning stones" to femme fatale in "Swimming Pool". Are you looking for contrast in your roles?

I have always listened to my instincts. And he tells me that if I want to be happy, I have to surprise myself, that I challenge myself. What interests me is this: tackling something I don't know. If we constantly go into what we already know, it may be indicative of a loss of inspiration or desire … However, I am always offered new things to explore, so I'm always up for it. . This is my solution!

Fancy a challenge, but nevertheless, you have worked several times with the same directors: François Ozon, Christophe Honoré … Why?

There are the roles, but there is also the relationship to the director. François Ozon and Christophe Honoré, but also Claude Miller and Paolo Sorrentino, for example. What was interesting was that its directors looked at me with different points of view with each new work. To be sublimated once by a director is extraordinary. Getting sublimated a second time is even better because, all of a sudden, they enrich the way they see you and in a way, they enrich you yourself. It’s a real gift to make a movie with someone who then comes up with new projects for you. It’s even more rewarding!