Ludwig Haas: Ex- “Lindenstrasse” star dies at the age of 88

Ludwig Haas
Ex-“Lindenstrasse” star dies at the age of 88

Ludwig Haas was part of the regular cast of the cult series “Lindenstrasse”.

© imago / Horst Galuschka

Mourning for Ludwig Haas: The former “Lindenstrasse” star died at the age of 88.

Mourning for “Lindenstrasse” star Ludwig Haas. The actor died according to information of the broadcaster WDR in September. “Das neue Blatt” had previously reported on the death of the TV star, citing his wife Marianne. Haas was 88 years old.

For over 34 years he played the family doctor Dr. Ludwig Dressler. Since episode 169 he was confined to a wheelchair on TV. His figure was hit by a car in 1989. Shortly before the series was canceled in March 2020, he died the series death. Haas then ended his career.


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