Lufthansa boss advises passengers to take good care of their boarding pass

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr has pointed out that you should treat your boarding pass “like cash”. In other words: take good care of it, don’t let it out of your hands.

Apparently he didn’t stick to it, because it has now become known that he fell victim to a gap in his own IT system, such as the “mirrorreported.

According to the report, the QR code on one of his boarding passes allowed strangers to gain access to the CEO’s data, including his email address and cell phone number.

Lufthansa: Protection of data is in the hands of the customer

This was possible because boarding passes contained not only information about the flight but also other data, the service card numbers of frequent flyers. Combined with the customer’s last name, the pending booking can be read out on the Lufthansa website, boarding cards can be printed or the shipping methods for boarding documents can be changed.

A security risk is “not present”, but the company is working on new standards for the industry via a business unit called “Digital Hangar”, a Lufthansa spokesman is quoted as saying. However, the protection of the data is in the hands of the customers: “We recommend our passengers to be very careful with the flight documents. They are to be treated like cash.”

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