Lufthansa versus Condor: passenger agreement canceled, feeder flights before departure

Lufthansa and Condor are on a confrontational course. Lufthansa is terminating a feeder agreement that has existed for many years, which means that in future no more Condor passengers would be transported, which would then no longer be able to offer certain routes.

A sharp conflict is looming between the airlines Condor and Lufthansa. Lufthansa terminated a long-term agreement on feeder services to Condor long-haul flights in the summer, as both sides confirmed in Frankfurt on Friday.

Seamless total trips with checked baggage and only one ticket would therefore no longer be possible for those changing over among Condor guests. Condor could then no longer offer a route such as Hamburg-Frankfurt-Jamaica because it would no longer be able to book the necessary feeder flights internally with Lufthansa. This could also affect the tour operator business with package tours.

Condor accusation: Lufthansa wants to push us out of the market

A Condor spokeswoman emphasized that the agreement would initially continue to apply without restrictions until the end of May. One is currently examining options for the time after. Lufthansa, which was saved with taxpayers' money, is attempting to terminate a company that is also supported by the state from the market and to expand its own monopoly.

A Lufthansa spokesman justified the procedure with the fact that you had to use your own aircraft to capacity, especially in the context of the corona crisis. Even before the pandemic, the MDax Group had announced that it wanted to fly to more tourist destinations on long-haul routes. First attempts with the subsidiary Eurowings are to be expanded with the internally controversial “Ocean” project.

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