Luke Mockridge: After the big drama, he reveals his point of view

Comedian Luke Mockridge comments on the night that brought him the rape charge. This is how prominent colleagues react.

Comedian Luke Mockridge (32) has in a video, which he posted on Instagram on Saturday evening (August 21), took a public position on the accusation of “attempted rape” of his ex-girlfriend, which he says has now been legally refuted. Mockridge also shares how the wave of hatred overwhelmed him and announces that he will take a break from work until the end of the year.

“I want to quietly collect myself, I want to find myself again and I want to find myself good again, so that at some point I can be on stage again as you know me. And that’s why there are no shows for this year. We’ll see you next year, “said the artist, who has won several German Comedy Awards.

Overrun by hatred

At the beginning of the eight-minute long statement, he talks about the “terrible things” that have been read about him “for a few months”. “There are people who try to make someone who I am not. I am confronted with things that never happened. I am accused of things that I just didn’t do that are not right,” says Mockridge .

He admits that he probably should have spoken out earlier and acted differently, but that it was not possible. “I couldn’t classify this wave of hatred. I don’t know it. I’m a comedian, I stand for happy things, for a good time and not for this hatred that the Internet is able to generate,” he explains .

Mockridge speaks of fear and anger, “because you can’t stand how unfair what is happening. You want to shout the truth in everyone’s face, but of course you don’t,” he describes his feelings during this time.

The fatal night together

Then Luke Mockridge sums up the events that led to this hate wave from his point of view and with his words: “I ended my relationship three years ago. We had a rather emotional separation and it was difficult for both of us to let go of I know about myself because I’ve experienced it myself. I know about her because she met with colleagues for months and talked to my brothers on the phone and that was always reported to me through bonds, “he describes the situation shortly before the lawyer’s letter that the avalanche started.

“It was all the more surprising when, months later, out of nowhere, I had an ad in my mailbox from her lawyers and from her, about the fact that there should have been a night in our relationship where I was She wanted sex, but she didn’t, when it didn’t come to sex either, but retrospectively after all these months it should have felt like attempted rape, “says Mockridge.

“It was unbelievable to read something like that, because it just doesn’t match what we were experiencing at the time. […] During this time, shortly before the breakup, everything might not have been good, but far from what she is describing, “he says.

The accusations were examined by the public prosecutor with the result that “there is simply no suspicion here”, summarizes the offspring of an artist family and adds: “This procedure has been legally terminated for over a year.” What he was accused of did not happen. “I didn’t do that,” Mockridge repeats again.

Celebrity reactions

Many celebrities left a comment under Mockridge’s post: Comedian Oliver Pocher (43) and The Boss Hoss singer Alec Völkel (49) each posted a red heart.

Singer and actress Yvonne Catterfeld (41) wrote: “I feel for you, even if I haven’t heard anything about it. Rather listen to those who are quiet than to those who make themselves known loudly. That alone shows who is true! !!! Hold on, dear Luke Mockridge. “

And singer Pietro Lombardi (29) commented: “I’ve known you for many years now and I believe every word you say, my brother, if something is there, bro, you have my number.”