Luke Mockridge: “Catch!” will return to TV without the presenter

Luke Mockridge
“Catch!” will return to TV without the presenter

Luke Mockridge is absent from “Catch” 2022.

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The Sat.1 show “Catch!” will start in 2022 without Luke Mockridge. Two moderators hold the position in the format.

Sat.1 sets “Catch!” continued even without Luke Mockridge in 2022. This is what station boss Daniel Rosemann confirmed in an interview with the company’s own “Topbox” magazine. In the catch show developed and produced by Mockridge, the German and European catch champions are again sought.

After allegations of rape and increased media coverage, Luke Mockridge withdrew and resigned on September 24th on Instagram on, his artistic “break for an indefinite period of time [zu] extend “.” Catch! “with Mockridge as the organizer celebrated its premiere in 2018 and was awarded a Grimme Prize in 2019. Teams compete against each other in competitions in various catching disciplines.

At the beginning of October, Sat.1 broadcaster Christoph Körfer confirmed in response to a request from spot on news: “Andrea Kaiser and Simon Pearce will host ‘Catch!’ In 2022, as they did this year. The music show ‘All Together Now’ is coming in the first half of the year 2022 in Sat.1. ” The new program should actually be presented by the retired presenter. In the format “talents have to convince perhaps the largest studio jury and carry 100 music professionals away with their performance so that they sing along”, explained Rosemann in the current interview.

These shows are returning in 2022

“We will reorganize the content of the individual days of the week for next year,” announced the station boss. Monday is all about dating, love and losing weight. Tuesday belongs to the US series, Wednesday to the shows and Thursday to the factual formats. For the weekend he put next to “Catch!” among other things new episodes of “The Voice Kids”, “Couple Wars” and “99 – One beats them all” in prospect. Rosemann also took a critical look at the almost completed broadcasting year: “With one or the other program, the focus this year was simply far too youthful and supposedly hip. Sat.1 does not have to be as young and innovative as ProSieben. On the contrary : Reliability is much more important. “


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