Luxor Technologies launches logistics arm ahead of bitcoin halving


Luxor Technologies announced the launch of Luxor Logistics, a new service aimed at supporting cryptocurrency miners in the global sourcing and shipping of hardware. The move comes as the industry prepares for the halving event, which is expected to cut miner rewards in half, amid increased regulatory scrutiny and the need for miners to diversify geographically.

Luxor Logistics seeks to address the complex challenges associated with international customs, providing streamlined solutions for miners. The timing of this launch is strategic, as it provides miners with crucial support during a period when the cryptocurrency market has been weak and the importance of operational efficiency is increased.

Although Foundry has already launched a similar service, Luxor differentiates itself with its extensive experience in international shipping and its ability to obtain preferential freight rates from its US base. The company has already facilitated the delivery of mining equipment worth over $245 million to over 30 countries around the world.

The introduction of Luxor Logistics complements Luxor’s existing services, including its ASIC Trading Desk, which provides industry insights. The company’s multifaceted approach aims to support miner operations at a time when the bitcoin network is experiencing record hashes and increased attention from regulators.

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