“Luxor”: vestiges of an ancient romance


Hana (the excellent Andrea Riseborough, recently seen in Possessor by Brandon Cronenberg) is a doctor working for a humanitarian organization. She spends a few days off in Luxor. She finds there, between long strolls in the middle of the ruins, traces and vestiges of ancient Egypt, a former archaeologist lover. Could something be reborn between them?

The young woman’s wandering, captured by a melancholy and languid camera, hides an indeterminate cause then vaguely identified at the heart of a web of meanings, from the traumas experienced in theaters of war to the awareness of a sentimental impasse. . Director Zeina Durra, whose second feature film is, skillfully immerses her heroine in the center of a monumental and mineral world, surrounding her with layers of diverse and overwhelming memories, that of a mythological antiquity as well as of English colonialism, restored in the surviving and derisory form of the old British tourists whom Hana meets, still haunting the great hotels with obsolete luxury.

British-Egyptian film by Zeina Durra. With Andrea Riseborough, Karim Saleh, Sherine Reda (1 h 26). www.facebook.com/RezoFilmsDistribution