Luxurious as never – Range Rover: The new attacks even Rolls-Royce

Yes, large SUVs also come in beautiful and elegant designs. This is an art that they have continued to refine at Land Rover with the Range Rover. The fifth generation is so seamless in all its distinction that the eye can walk over it without resistance and perceive pure luxury, but also understatement at the same time. And then we got in and drove off…

This is where the ear comes in, perceiving stillness even when you step on the gas. You rush along without any engine ever sounding strained, be it a six-cylinder diesel or a V8 petrol engine. The low noise level comes not only from great insulation, but also from the integrated noise-cancelling system. It will be even quieter from 2024 in the battery-electric version (or at times even now in the six-cylinder petrol hybrid. It is the feeling of being surrounded that always travels with you. Decoupled from the outside world years you either get old or life is just getting started.The latter applies to the Range Rover: it has never looked so monumental and wiry at the same time.Nothing is thick, although it is such a thick ship, with almost 2.4 up to over 2.7 tons, plus special equipment.The eight-cylinder that we were able to test weighed 2.8 tons.Of course, it doesn’t drive as wiry as it looks, although air suspension and rear-wheel steering (seven degree steering angle!) are standard The active roll control also doesn’t make the Rangy a competitor to a BMW X5 M. But it doesn’t have to either, because otherwise the described decoupling would be over rt. The steering is very direct, but has an indirect gear ratio, so you have to crank relatively far; and it hardly conveys a feeling for the road (track) condition. That is of no interest at the latest when you sit in the back to be chauffeured. Much more relevant is that the Range Rover is a really good glider that conceals uneven ground very well. With 23-inch wheels, of course, it rolls a little rougher, but they are good for the look. As long as you don’t try the outstanding off-road capabilities. Almost 30 centimeters of ground clearance (when the air suspension is at the highest level) and an approach angle of 32.1 degrees at the front and 29 degrees at the rear tempt you to take a trip into the rough, but at the latest when crossing a stony river bed (which is possible up to a water depth of 90 centimeters). the expensive aluminum will be scratched. Smaller inside than outside Back to the second row. They are proud of the multiple electrically adjustable lounge seats in the second row with the extra partition to the trunk. However, they are only suitable for really short passengers (or for tall passengers behind a very small driver/passenger), because knee room is scarce. Then maybe you would prefer the standard rear seat. Or the version with a long wheelbase (3.20 m instead of 3.00 m), which is 5.25 meters long instead of 5.05 m. Logically, lack of space is not an issue. And thanks to the steered rear wheels, you’re not stuck in city traffic either (turning circle: 11.96 meters, with a short wheelbase only 11.34 meters). Latest generation infotainment The central touchscreen is a 13.1-inch curved display. For the first time in a Land Rover, it gives haptic feedback when touched and pressed in the new Range Rover. That takes some getting used to. Unlike in other vehicles with an attached screen, its curvature does not give the impression that the designer forgot the display and hurriedly screwed it on afterwards. Equally positive: Land Rover has not dispensed with dedicated climate control. However, the knobs have a special feature – namely three operating levels. Turning it at the normal level changes the set temperature, pressing in activates the seat heating setting, pulling out the fan adjustment. The latest generation of the in-house Pivi Pro is used as the infotainment system. Among other things, this can be used to control the optional electrically opening/closing doors, which also work at an incline of up to 10 degrees. Spotify is also on board, as is voice control via Alexa. For perfect musical enjoyment, it is best to order the Meridian Signature Sound System with 1600 watts, which also includes pairs of loudspeakers in the headrests of the front seats and the outer seats in the second row. The noise canceling system sends a noise-cancelling signal to the 35 loudspeakers of the sound system, including the headrests. Extensive engine range There is an unusually large number of engines for the new Range Rover. The range of combustion engines includes three six-cylinder diesels (250, 300 and 350 hp), a six-cylinder mild hybrid petrol engine with 400 hp and a 4.4-liter V8 with 530 hp. Six-cylinder P440e and P510e with 440 or 510 hp system power. Its lithium-ion battery with a net capacity of 31.8 kWh (gross 38.2 kWh) enables an electric WLTP range of up to 100 kilometers and allows a top electric speed of 140 km/h. A battery-electric version of the Range Rover is to be launched in 2024. The price list in Austria starts at 147,730 euros for the Range Rover D250 SE. The top model with a short wheelbase is the Range Rover P530 SV for 266,546 euros. With a long wheelbase, it costs 298,164 euros. Of course, there is still a lot that can be done at these prices. No Range Rover has been as strong a competitor for luxury cars as Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan. If you equip it appropriately. Bottom line It’s still unfair to call the Range Rover SUV, because it’s really an off-roader. A serious one. At the same time, he also serves luxury clientele more than ever. And that’s nicer and less aloof than the Rolls-Royce with the Cullinan. More engaging steering and less wasted rear seat space would make the recommendation for the fat Brit even clearer. Why? Great performance Decoupled hovering instead of driving Very pleasant engines Why not? Royce Cullinan
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