Lyon The employee of a kebab injures a customer with a knife

The employee of a kebab on rue Puits-Gaillot, near Place des Terreaux in Lyon (1st), was presented to the prosecution on Thursday for an immediate appearance for armed violence. The facts of which he is accused date back to January 10 around 2 a.m., where he injured a client with a knife, in circumstances then unclear.

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Suffering from a serious cut on his hand, a 43-year-old Villeurbannais had to be hospitalized and suffered 45 days of ITT.

The customer who came to fight it out?

Placed in police custody just after the incident, the employee claimed that the victim had entered the restaurant armed with a knife to do battle with the staff, and that he had injured him involuntarily by disarming him.

The injured person not being able to be heard due to an operation, the suspect had been freed, the time to continue the investigations. The investigation has established that the facts did not take place in this way, and that it was the employee who assaulted the victim.

Again placed in police custody on Wednesday, the latter was referred to the prosecution on Thursday.

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