Maassen wants to convince the CDU of his position

Dhe chairman of the “Union of Values”, Hans-Georg Maassen, does not want to leave the CDU at the moment, but wants to persuade the party and its chairman Friedrich Merz to adopt his political position. He describes this as the position of the “classic CDU” of Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl. When asked by the CDU presidium to leave the party, Maassen said on Deutschlandfunk that he would only respond “when I see it on my desk”.

Maassen criticized that there was a “red-green dominance” in language, media and culture. A classic CDU could undo that. He has the support of “many, many simple party members”. That strengthens him and gives him support, according to the former president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Maassen said he emphatically rejected the allegation that he had made xenophobic and racist comments. These are “unsubstantiated allegations” and “sometimes defamatory defamation”.

Maassen said he thought Angela Merkel’s “left course” was wrong and said it had to be “worked through”. The “Union of Values” reached out to the party leadership to support them in returning to the positions of the “classic CDU”. Maassen was elected the new chairman of the association at the weekend. His predecessor Max Otte was expelled from the CDU after announcing a candidacy for the AfD for the office of Federal President.

Responsibility lies initially in Thuringia

The CDU presidium asked Maaßen on Monday to leave the CDU by next Sunday, 12 noon. Otherwise, an expulsion procedure will be pursued against him. Literally, a statement by the committee said that Maaßen repeatedly used “the language from the milieu of anti-Semites and conspiracy ideologues to ethnic expressions”. There is no place in the CDU for his statements and the ideas they express. Maassen should be given the opportunity to comment in writing before the meeting of the federal executive board.

According to the party statute of the CDU, a party court decides on the exclusion. The district party court in Thuringia would be responsible for him. This is not a court in Maassen’s district association, but a joint party court of all Thuringian district associations based in Erfurt. The next instance would be the state party court of the CDU in Thuringia and finally the federal party court. Maassen said he had “so far not received a brief from the CDU. If I should get it, I will look at it, review it with my lawyers if necessary and also comment if necessary.”

On Monday, the CDU Presidium also dealt with the “Value Union” association, which includes some emphatically conservative members of the CDU and CSU. According to a statement by the CDU, the presidium “has expressed its political disapproval of this organization”. And further: “In our understanding, anyone who is a member of the CDU cannot also be a member of the so-called union of values.” At the latest since the election of Maassen, “each of its members must ask themselves where their political home is”. Members of the CDU are asked to leave the “union of values”.

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