MaaT Pharma: Karim Dabbagh is reappointed as President

Photo credit © Maat Pharma

( — MaaT Pharma held its ordinary annual and extraordinary general meeting on May 28 at 11 a.m. at the company’s premises. The quorum reached by shareholders present, represented or having voted remotely was around 65% of voting shares. The shareholders overwhelmingly approved the majority of the resolutions approved by the Board of Directors by a majority of more than 98% (with the exception of the 31st resolution approved by nearly 68% of voters).

In particular, the shareholders approved the renewal of the mandate of the existing directors, namely: Mr. Jean-Marie Lefebvre, Mr. Karim Dabbagh, Ms. Dorothée Burkel, Ms. Nadia Kamal, Mr. Claude Bertrand, Mr. Hervé Affagard, Mr. Jean Volatier, Seventure Partners and the appointment of a representative of Bpifrance Investissement as administrator, as well as the following resolutions:

The shareholders also approved the accounts for the 2023 financial year and the remuneration policy for corporate officers (President, General Manager and Directors) for the 2024 financial year as well as the elements of remuneration paid to them during or allocated to them during the 2024 financial year. title of the 2023 financial year.

The shareholders also validated the financial resolutions, including in particular the delegations of authority given to the Board of Directors to carry out capital increases by various means.


The only resolution rejected concerned the delegation to the Board of Directors to carry out a capital increase by issuing shares or securities giving access to capital, reserved for members of a company savings plan. with removal of preferential subscription rights for the benefit of the latter (38th resolution).

The Board of Directors which was held at the end of the General Meeting decided to reappoint Mr. Karim Dabbagh in his role as Chairman, for the duration of his mandate as director. The composition of the committees remains unchanged.


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