Mac Lesggy soon to retire? He reveals the age at which he plans to end his career

On the Figaro Buzz TV set, Tuesday February 7, 2023, Mac Lesggy was asked about the debate that has been raging in recent days: pension reform. The host revealed the age from which he could retire.

For several days, the debate around the pension reform is making a lot of noise. While many French take to the streets to express their disagreement, Mac Lesggy was the guest on the set of the Buzz-TV du Figaro, Tuesday February 7, 2023, the day of a new demonstration. While the bill wants to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, Ianimator revealed that he had inquired about the age from which he too could claim retirement. “Like everyone else, I went to to simulate my retirement. I have to work until I’m 67. Personally, all the retirement debates pass me by“, did he declare.

Mac Lesggy does not wish”Above all, do not give lessons to others“, but for him, there is no question of stopping work. “For the moment E=M6 suits me very well. Nevertheless, I will surely know how to keep busy during my retirement, but I have a job that is so pleasant and exciting that I don’t see myself stopping it like that, overnight.”

Mac Lesggy is not ready to retire

This is not the first time that the famous 60-year-old animator has spoken about his passion for his work. Friday, February 26, 2021, in an interview granted to France Sunday, he had confided in his professional future and his retirement. “It’s such a varied job, which allows me to discover so many new things. Perfect for me who is a real curious!“, he confided before adding: “I feel like I started two or three years ago. Every time it’s a new challenge, a new excitement.” This is the reason why, for the time being, Mac Lesggy does not feel the need to retire.

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