Mac Lesggy soon to retire? The host of "E = M6" answers bluntly! : Current Woman The MAG

For three decades now E = M6 landed on our screens. While Mac Lesggy originally signed for six issues – as he recounted in an interview with Current wife, to find in our video above – the popular science program has finally won the hearts of French people of all generations. They are on average 3 million to connect to M6 every Sunday evening, to follow the playful explanations and the unusual experiences of the animator with the big glasses. On March 1, 2021, Olivier Lesgourgues (real name) will present a special issue of E = M6 devoted to the agricultural world. One way to compensate for the cancellation of the famous Salon de l'Agriculture, which should have been held from February 27 to March 7. On this occasion, Mac Lesggy agreed to grant an interview to our colleagues from France Sunday, in the February 26 edition.

After 30 years of service, Mac Lesggy remains "a real curious ”

Asked about his possible weariness, after thirty years on the air, the 58-year-old host replied bluntly: "It's such a varied job, which allows me to discover so many new things. Perfect for me who am a real curious! ” Moreover, Mac Lesggy even confides that he has not seen the time pass … "I feel like I started two or three years ago. Each time, it's a new challenge, a new excitement, he says enthusiastically. So there is no question of considering retirement anytime soon!

March 14, 2021, for the thirtieth anniversary of E = M6, Mac Lesggy and his teams concocted “a super funny show ” which will come back to the big changes in our daily life for three decades. Food, technology or even work, “you will see how much our life has changed! ” Moreover, the presenter has fun leaving a little doubt about his dress: "Ah the suit and tie, always! As for the big glasses, it's been a while since I settled down. But, maybe they will reappear for the 30 years precisely… Suspense then! ”

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