Mac Studio and Mac Pro switch to Apple’s M2 Ultra chip

With the birth of the M2 Ultra chip, merging two M2 Max, Apple updates two Mac desktop computers and says goodbye to Intel processors.

Simple update for the Mac Studio

The Mac Studio, dedicated to content creators since March 2022, benefits from an update to its processor. Thus, the M1 Max and M1 Ultra give way to the M2 Max and M2 Ultra. The transition to the second iteration of Apple Silicon M allows, according to Apple, a generational gain of 20% on classic tasks, 30% on graphics tasks and 40% on AI. Cupertino takes advantage of this to establish management of up to 192 GB of unified RAM, enough to satisfy the most demanding professionals.

The design is unchanged, and for good reason, we had little to reproach the chassis of the Mac Studio, well thought out and equipped with sufficient connectivity.

Mac Pro says goodbye to Intel Xeons

For its part, the Mac Pro finally says goodbye to the Xeon, which allows Apple to complete its transition from the x86 architecture to ARM and to close its collaboration with Intel. The Mac Pro is therefore equipped with an M2 Ultra with 24 CPU cores and 60 cores, or even 76 cores during configuration.

The transition to ARM architecture is not without consequences for the Apple Mac Pro. Despite its six PCIe Gen4 extensions, no GPU is currently compatible due to lack of driver. In addition, the amount of maximum RAM increases from 1.5 TB to 192 GB since it is welded around the SoC. To see if professionals will find their account.

The Mac Studio and Pro will be available from June 13 from €2,399 for the first and €8,299 for the second.

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