Maca • Root and powder for more pleasure!

Superfood against sexual aversion

If sexual desire falls by the wayside during menopause, certain plants can stimulate the libido. The Maca root from the Peruvian Andes is known. Its ingredients hardly influence the hormonal balance, but should still have the desired effect.

Maca is considered a superfood, but in the Andes it is a staple food. The roots should not only give the female libido a boost, but also have a potency-increasing effect in men. If you mix maca powder with milk, you get a drink that is reminiscent of cocoa.

In the Andes, the Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) to traditional foods and has been eaten raw, in the form of porridge or baked for around two millennia. The white, yellow to red bulbs are tall Nutritional valuewhich is even higher than that of potatoes.

For example, they provide the body with many unsaturated fats as well as essential amino acids. The roots are characterized by a high content of satiating protein and fiber, contain a lot of iron and iodine as well as numerous other vital substances.

Maca can also be dried and stored for several years. The roots hardly suffer healthy ingredients one that makes the tubers a good staple food. The plant, which, like the local cress, belongs to the cruciferous family, is also very robust and can be grown even under adverse conditions.

Effects of maca powder on male and female libido

But what is perhaps more important and that Maca roots made known far beyond the borders of South America: Preparations made from dried Maca have long been used as a natural aphrodisiac to increase libido. The men of Inca used Maca for more potency, their women increased their sexual desire and sensitivity.

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Ingredients: What's in Maca Roots and Powder?

Certain ingredients of the maca root play a role, including alkaloids, tannins and saponins. Studies have not been able to prove that Maca significantly changes the hormonal balance. But experience has shown that Maca counteracts this Loss of libido of the woman, especially in the Menopause.

Smaller studies could also determine a corresponding effect in men. In mice, according to a Chinese animal study, maca actually increased them Ability to orgasm by a multiple. Large studies on the effect of the Peruvian miracle root are still pending.

Maca powder made from the dried tubers is known in the US, China and Europe Food supplements traded and among other things for libido and Potency increase used. The plant from Peru is also processed into capsules. However, fresh tubers, such as those that people in the Andes still consume today, provide far more of the ingredients responsible for them.

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