Macif remains above 1%

Last year, the ex-bestseller of Macif, the Livret Vie, was remunerated at 1.05%, very close to the symbolic bar of 1%. Mutavie, the life insurer subsidiary of Macif, has revealed its rates: Livret Vie lands this time at 1%. And the fund in euros for the new flagship Multi Life contract yields 1.15% for the year 2021.

13.8 billion euros for nearly a million contracts: at the end of 2016, the Livret Vie, was one of the largest contracts in the life insurance market in France. But Mutavie – a subsidiary insurer of Macif – has chosen to stop the marketing of this specific contract (100% funds in euros, zero entry fees, etc.) to make way for a new flagship contract: the multi-support contract (with funds in euros and units of account) Multi Life. This contract is also marketed by Matmut, which has entered into a partnership with Mutavie.

In just over 5 years, since the end of its marketing, the Livret Vie has not lost in outstandings (still 13.8 billion euros) but the number of subscribers has melted: 795,011 subscribers at the end of 2021. , the Multi Life contract has made a breakthrough, in particular through the transformation of old Livret Vie contracts: Mutavie announces 313,148 savers on Multi Vie.

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Details of 2021 returns

The performance of these two star contracts is down moderately: 1% on the Livret Vie euro fund for the year 2021, compared to 1.05% the previous year (1); and 1.15% on the secure support of Multi Vie, against 1.25% a year earlier. The reductions are just as limited on the other contracts: 1.75% on Actiplus Option, 1.60% on Actiplus, 1.25% 1.65% on Jeewan Patrimoine and 1.15% on the PER Multi Horizon Retraite. Despite the erosion of yields, Mutavie also claims to maintain a high level of reserve (5.4%), guaranteeing a preserved future in an economically uncertain context.

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(1) All rates are net of fees and before social and tax deductions.

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