Macron denounces an “absurd” fixing of the price of electricity

The Head of State called for “changing the operating rules of the electricity market”, whose prices are indexed, in Europe, to those of gas.

President Emmanuel Macron denounced Tuesday, at the end of the G7 summit in Germany, the fixation according to him “absurdin electricity prices, contributing strongly to the wave of inflation and generatingunreasonable excess profitsfor operators. Rising prices across Europeis a tax from outside that comes through gas and electricitysince the start of the war in Ukraine, andthe taxpayer’s money is not intended to offset this tax from outside, otherwise it is an endless system that will impoverish us“Launched the Head of State at a press conference.

“The best answer is to lower your purchase prices”

In addition to the shields put in place since the fall of 2021 on energy prices, at great cost to the state budget, he called for “change the operating rules of the electricity market», whose prices are historically indexed in Europe to those of gas. Because of this system,you have skyrocketing electricity prices that no longer have anything to do with electricity production costs, it follows gas, it’s absurd; which means that you have players, for example in renewables, who make totally unreasonable excess profits during the period“.

Honestly it’s the Shadoks, what we’re going through“, he insisted:”We are spending taxpayers’ money to try to help the same taxpayer as a consumer to cope with the increase in prices, which comes from outside, on oil and gas that we do not produce, and which is related to war“. The Shadoks were the characters of an animated series with deliberately absurd humour, broadcast in France from the end of the 1960s. Faced with this situation, “objectively the best answer is to lower the purchase price“, advocated Emmanuel Macron, marking his support for the efforts undertaken by the European Commission in early June, and the desire announced by the G7 countries to cap the price of oil.

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