Macron does not rule out the use of Article 49.3

According to Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, Emmanuel Macron does not rule out dissolving the National Assembly in the event of a vote of no confidence against the government.

If all the oppositions coalesced to adopt a motion of censure and bring down the government, he (the President of the Republic, editor’s note) would defer to the French and the French would decide and say what is the new majority they want, affirmed on LCI Olivier Dussopt, responsible for initiating new consultations on pensions from next week.

And obviously (…) we would be campaigning for the president to be comforted, added the Minister of Labour.

The executive has decided to delay its critical pension reform, by reopening a new round of consultations with social partners and political forces with a view to adopting a comprehensive bill before the end of winter, announced Thursday Elisabeth Borne AFP. She recalled that the pension reform was to come into force in the summer of 2023.

Forced passage of the bill?

A dedicated bill, however, presents a risk for the executive, which only has a relative majority in the Assembly. He could force him to draw Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows the adoption of a text without a vote except for a motion of censure, but can only be used once per parliamentary session.

On the other hand the government can use this weapon of 49.3 will on the budgetary texts, which are the social security financing bills (PLFSS). The 49.3 is a constitutional tool which makes it possible to overcome the blockages, the obstructions, which exposes the government to a motion of censure, recalled Mr. Dussopt.

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But if I say that we want consultation with both the social partners and the parliamentary groups, it is because at no time have we given up on creating the conditions for a majority, for convergence, on the pension system, he pleads.

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