Macron wants investments for innovation to go “faster and stronger”

Emmanuel Macron pleaded Monday in Toulouse for an “acceleration” of his France 2030 plan, so that investments for innovation go “faster and stronger”.

The president, who took stock of this program launched two years ago on the Airbus website, also promised “very concrete” government measures, “from the start of next year” in favor of a ” drastic simplification”, a “hyper simplification” for companies “in all areas”.

“Support entrepreneurs much more, crush the accumulation of procedures”, “go to the end of what we have started to do but which is insufficient”, he listed, while the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire announced that he wanted to present a Pacte II bill at the beginning of 2024 to enable the continued simplification of standards that hinder the growth of businesses, particularly the smallest and medium-sized.

The Head of State praised the results of his economic policy carried out for six years around “three interdependent objectives”: “sovereignty”, “full employment” and “decarbonization”. He estimated that France 2030 and its 54 billion euros in planned credits were starting to bear fruit.

But “we are not there at all”, “because things are going much, much faster” in China and the United States, he insisted.

“We must continue to accelerate”, “go faster and stronger”, he said several times, referring to innovation, particularly in terms of energy. The “key” is “acceleration, acceleration, acceleration,” he insisted.

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