MAD Lions Armut: “I want to be the best top laner in the LEC!”

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Put respect under the name of MAD Lions ! While since the start of the year, we’ve only been talking about fnatic and of Team Vitality, the kings of Europe are still present. After crushing the competition in 2021, the reigning double European champions lost two important players during the transfer window. However, they made a strong impression for the recovery by beating the bees without difficulty. The two newcomers, RKR and Unforgiven are rookies, but they showed character for their big first in the European elite, GG to them!

But beware, Armute does not want to ignite. At our microphone, he showed a modesty and caution that only make him grow. Above all, he has big goals for this year and he’s not just going to be satisfied with a prestigious victory against the tournament favourites.

Transcription of the interview in French

Hi Armut, happy new year and congratulations on your victory! How do you feel after this first game?

Armute: We were playing against Team Vitality which has a very big team. Everyone talks about them and beating them means a lot to us. It’s good for morale and it will allow us to continue well afterwards. But I don’t want to get carried away either. Above all, there was a big difference in the draft and our coach did a good job.

You also had the opportunity to play against Carzzy, your former teammate. Did you communicate before the match?

Yeah, we talk a lot with Carzzy. I like him a lot and I think it’s mutual.

Carzzy left MAD Lions, Humanoid too. Now you have two new young players, RKR and Unforgiven. What can you tell me about them?

To be honest, before recruiting them I didn’t know who they were! (laughs) I didn’t really have any expectations, but I trusted the coaches to find good players. Now that they’re here, I validate them strongly and I’m happy to have them on my team.

They answered present and RKR more or less destroyed Perkz today, and this last is not anyone! Can you quickly come back to the draft, it was planned to play Karthus bot and Yasuo mid?

I think Yasuo/Diana was the key to our draft, this duo is really too strong right now.

Many people think the two superteams this year are Vitality and Fnatic. But do you think MAD Lions should be given more respect? You are the defending champions and won both 2021 splits…

We lost two players, so I understand why we are being put back a bit, we are no longer the same team as last year… But we have to wait to be able to assess our strength. Even I don’t know where we are yet. On paper, we are weaker than Fnatic and Vitality and after just one victory, we shouldn’t gain too much confidence even if we played well in midgame and our macro was at the level.

You then play SK and G2 for the end of the first week. Do you think you can finish 3-0?

If you had asked me the question before Vitality, I would have said no. But after this victory I hope we will win against SK. After for G2, I don’t really know what to expect, we never scrim against them. In any case, we are in a good situation.

As at the beginning of each year, we see all kinds of tier lists and power-rankings on the networks. Who do you think are the best top laners in the LEC this season?

I think Broken Blade is the most talented. I respect him and he is a good friend of mine. For the rest of the top 3, I see Alphari and me. But again, it’s still too early to be sure. I haven’t had time to see Alphari play well yet and I don’t know if the other top laners have improved since last year…

As you are a toplaner, I have to ask you the question… How do you like the new teleportation? Do you like it or don’t you like it?

I think that’s really bad news, it makes top lane a lot more boring! Even in my soloQ games, sometimes there’s nothing to do but wait. It’s a big nerf for top laners and it’s sad.

Did you have time to rush the ladder? Or is it full scrim?

I do a bit of both but I don’t rush the ladder. SoloQ really matters when you’re not in LEC, when people don’t know you. But for me, the soloQ only serves to improve mechanically.

For the recovery, the teams all play from their gaming-house. What do you think of the situation? It’s not too sad not to go to the studio?

It’s truly sad. It’s much more fun to play on stage, playing online almost doesn’t feel like an official game. But there’s really nothing to do with this pandemic situation and I just have to give my all despite everything.

With the departures of Carzzy and Humanoid, do you feel you have more responsibility on your shoulders as you begin your second year at MAD Lions?

I feel that I have more responsibilities, in-game but also outside. We lost two recognized and regular players and we recovered two young players. I have more experience than them and I have to lead the way.

For this new year, what are your personal ambitions? What should we wish you?

Personally, I want to become the best top laner in the LEC, I’m getting closer every week. I also want to win more titles and hope to be at Worlds again. The experience is really enriching, you meet other teams, you go to another country… It’s something very fun.


It’s still only the start of the League of Legends season and there’s nothing to panic about for teams who are still finding their stride. However, we imagine that the fans dreamed of another start for Team Vitality… The bees have still not managed to win in the LEC.

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