Mad Max – Fury Road: Fast-paced end-time action today ad-free on free TV


“Mad Max: Fury Road” is the latest part of the post-apocalyptic cult series – and arguably the best. Here you can see the adrenaline-packed action film today ad-free on free TV!

Tom Hardy must first serve as a living blood preserve before he can really take on the lead role in Mad Max: Fury Road. But Charlize Theron actually plays her anyway. (Source: ©

  • “Mad Max: Fury Road” is the fourth installment in the Australian cult series.
  • Tom Hardy takes on the lead role from cinema legend Mel Gibson.
  • The fast-paced action hit can be seen on ZDF today from 10:15 p.m.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is the late sequel to the franchise that catapulted Australia onto the cinema map with a dirty bang in 1979. And surprisingly, original director George Miller’s sequel, also set in the post-apocalypse, was better than all of its predecessors combined.

And a film must first be able to claim to have trumped the third part of “Mad Max” – there Tina Turner rules over the eponymous thunder dome, where barbaric gladiator fights in fetish outfits and methane reserves are gained from pig farts.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” – a modern classic in fast forward mode

After a few thoughtful words from Tom Hardy, who replaces Ur-Max Mel Gibson in the Australian franchise, it starts straight away with 120 percent playback speed: “Mad Max: Fury Road” is so incredibly adrenaline-driven and over-excited that the reality becomes clear to you afterwards will happen too slowly.

The entire film consists of a mad dash for a tanker truck in which the concubines of post-apocalyptic despot Immortan Joe, degraded to running wombs, are trying to escape their fate.

The eponymous hero only serves as a living blood supply for the tyrant’s chronically ill lackeys – and has to ride like a figurehead strapped to the front of a suicidal desert buggy. Just immortal good.

So if you love fast-paced action and aren’t quite squeamish, the dystopian adrenaline bomb today at 10:15 p.m. on ZDF is actually a must. Especially good: Since the film is on public broadcasting, you can let the fast-paced chase fire through without any commercial breaks.

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