Maddie McCann, the young woman who claimed to be the little girl “threatened” and put in a safe place

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Julia, the young woman who claimed to be Maddie McCann, was taken to the United States for safekeeping after receiving threats.

This is a story that has raised a lot of questions in recent weeks. Julia, a young German woman living in Poland, recently pretended she could be Maddie McCann, a little girl who disappeared in 2007, at the age of three. This case, whose main suspect is not ready to be charged, caused a lot of talk at that time, and the mystery is still whole, given that the little girl was never foundalthough investigators believe her dead.

Julia’s statement on social networks has intrigued a lot. Remember that little Maddie disappeared while she slept in a hotel room in Portugal, with her brothers and sisters, while her parents had gone to dinner at the restaurant. It was around 10 p.m. that the parents realized that their daughter was no longer there. Since then, she has remained untraceable. About two weeks ago, Julia, assumed to be Maddie McCann, after having found several similarities.

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Julia left Poland to go to the United States

However, after pretending to be Maddie McCann, Julia changed version saying that she could now be Livia Schepp, a little girl abducted with her twin sister by her father in Switzerland in 2011. After these declarations, Julia has received numerous death threatsand no longer felt safe in Poland. His head was priced at $48,000., as a result of this whole affair. It was therefore in haste that she left her country, thanks in particular to his adviser and medium Fia Johansson. According to the latest news, she is currently at Los Angeles.

The medium also confided in The Sun about Julia and the threats that were addressed to her: “My number one priority has always been Julia’s safety. Enemies attack Julia since she showed up. The situation in Poland is that it has nobody. His family does not want to talk to him. Julia never said, ‘I am Madeleine McCann’. She has a lot of questions about her past and she asked for help. We are open to all possibilities. Having spent time with Julia and investigated this, I don’t think she’s lying or making things up for her followers, everything she says seems to be real”, she said, among other things. The young woman is now in a safe place, far from her country where she finds herself so threatened.


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