Made of cardboard and difficult to locate: Ukraine apparently attacks with a new drone

Cardboard and difficult to locate
Ukraine appears to be attacking with a new drone

According to Ukrainian sources, five Russian warplanes and several anti-aircraft systems were damaged in the Russian border region of Kursk. According to media reports, behind the latest successes is a new type of drone – made of cardboard.

According to media reports, a few days ago Ukraine attacked the military part of an airport in the Russian border region of Kursk with a new type of drone. A total of 16 missiles made of cardboard, which are said to be difficult to locate for anti-aircraft radars, were used last Sunday night, Ukrainian media reported, citing sources at the SBU secret service. Five Russian fighter jets and several air defense systems are said to have been damaged in Kursk. This has not yet been independently verified.

Russian authorities had previously confirmed anti-aircraft fire on enemy drones, but did not provide any information on damage to aircraft or other military equipment. Satellite images from Monday also showed no clearly recognizable destruction.

According to a media report, Kiev received lightweight drones made of cardboard and rubber bands from an Australian company in the spring. In the past few days, Ukrainian drones have repeatedly and successfully attacked targets in Russia, even far from the border.

Ukraine has been repelling a Russian invasion with Western help for over 18 months. The attacked country is increasingly trying to compensate for its inferiority in combat aircraft and missiles with combat drones, some of which are self-produced. President Volodymyr Zelenskyj recently called for around 100 more combat aircraft for defense. So far, Kiev has received commitments for “50 or 60” F-16 fighter jets.

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