Maëlys case: “Who am I? I am Lelandais Nordahl, two courts of assizes”

The personality of Nordahl Lelandais remains a mystery.

Three days will not have really helped to define his personality. It’s a lot, three days dedicated solely to this, in an assize trial. “Are you aware of the time we devote to it? asks his own lawyer Me Alain Jakubowicz. We want to understand who you are. But there are still brakes, blockages. “ Me Laurent Boguet, lawyer for Joachim de Araujo, father of Maëlys, will summarize these three days as follows: “I perceived moments of emotion. You talk but don’t say much about yourself, I would say about your soul. ” Valérie Blain, the President of the Assize Court of Grenoble, tries to go further: “Who are you, finally? Long silence. ” Complicated. Who I am ? …I am Lelandais Nordahl, two assize courts. I know who I don’t want to be anymore. »

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This Wednesday, February 2 afternoon closed the balance sheet of a failed life. Nordhal Lelandais sees his failures parade without really reacting. We find him in 3rd grade in a college which he did not know, he explains, was for students with learning difficulties. “On the prospectus, it was marked sport-studies”. A comrade described him as “exuberant, laughing without limits, sometimes drunk. He sometimes cried at night. – I don’t remember that, but it may have happened. The geo-history teacher essentially remembers his cheat sheets and his I don’t care. “I did not give myself the means to succeed”. Another professor describes him as a seducer, able to achieve his ends by any means, having an answer to everything. “When I have an idea in my head, I get there,” murmurs Lelandais. Thus, a few years later, he will support mordicus in front of the father of one of his friends, who surprises them smoking their first firecrackers, which he does not smoke. “He liked to do the kéké, the braggart, will say the friend. His nickname Nono le Barjo was born during tangles with motorists, insulting them for nothing at a red light, hitting their bumper with his at the next light. “I grilled the priorities, an excess of impulsiveness without violence,” he says.

Touched by his failure in the army

The only failure that really seems to get to him is that of the army. “I wanted to make a career” He dreams of becoming a dog handler but he is fired after three years of exasperating his superiors. Indiscipline despite his skills; firecrackers consumed in Guyana, which bar his access to a mission in Kosovo. A nervous superior will throw a dart in his eye. Lelandais files a complaint, the author is sanctioned. “I no longer had the confidence of my bosses, but I no longer had confidence in them. After the army, nothing else mattered”. Return to his parents, experienced as a regression. But he tells his friends that he joined the Foreign Legion. “It’s an elite corps, it was to brag about myself” He tells them about the traumatic situations, mass graves, guerrillas, all made up. “It’s stupid, I understand today. I’m dumb. »

To work ? Among other things, he tried his hand at cable pulling, ambulance driver, a profession that required a state diploma: “I loved this job, my fault is not having taken the steps”. Dog handler, finally. Here he is self-employed from February to October 2010. “During these eight months, you declare zero in turnover, zero in Urssaf contributions, underlines Me Fabien Rajon, lawyer for Maëlys’ mother, Jennifer Cleyret-Marrel. However, you say to yourself “sure of getting there” when you give yourself the means, and this job fascinates you…” – It’s expensive to advertise. Need to farm next door. Yes, it’s some form of failure, not the same as the military. “But zero turnover…” adds Me Rajon. “I said nothing. I kept my earnings to eat. The President describes “a negative spiral”, “indebtedness”, “banking prohibition”, “fragility and despair” – That pretty much sums it up. I tried to do things, it didn’t work. It’s all my fault. She then tries to make the link between these failures and her addictions to sex and drugs, around 2016. “It started after the army. he replies. Daily hours on dating sites, which lead to “sex plans”: “I haven’t been nice to these girls all the time. I couldn’t get involved. They wanted, not me. I admit it was not good. ” Drugs ? Now it’s about cocaine: “It allows you to not be in reality, to believe that everything is fine, that everything is fine” He estimates that he consumes one gram every two days.

His daily life? coffee, cigarettes, cocaine, dating sites

“So what is the typical day for Nordahl Lelandais? asks his lawyer, straight in the eye. – I didn’t set the alarm clock, I got up around 2 p.m., coffee, cigarettes, cocaine, dating sites, visiting friends then coffee, cigarettes, cocaine, sites. His friends seem to have realized nothing: “I didn’t give myself the right to show that I was in bad shape, that I was crying alone.” The lawyer: “What can you say about the failure of your life? » Silence. “Of your responsibility in this failure? – My responsibility is total. 100%. For me, it’s the army. The army is the elite. It was after all that that I started…how to say…to let myself go. The President tries again: “Who have you been?” – Before the army, I was lost. Afterwards, I was completely lost. I did anything. (silence) If I were alone, there… he adds as if he really wanted to reveal himself. But I am not alone. She won’t ask him what he would say if he were alone. Because ultimately, everyone expects something human from him. He certifies, however, to have “deconstructed” himself in detention, to try every day to rebuild himself, to “no longer be the person I was before” to understand. But would he stand there, in front of Maëlys’ parents, if he had really broken down? Would it be told with so much distance and monotony?

“Are you followed, in detention? asks, no doubt naively, the President. ” Yes. It used to be once a week, but now it’s once every two weeks. Psychologists and psychiatrists have seen an evolution. I would like these meetings to be more frequent. Smiles here and there in the audience.

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