Maëlys trial: cocaine and fishing outfit, Lelandais’ attitude to marriage questioned

On the eighth day of the trial of Nordahl Lelandais, the Assize Court of Grenoble looked into the behavior of the accused during the marriage, but also his dress. Lelandais, who provided cocaine to the guests during the evening, was indeed dressed in a simple T-shirt and short pants.

cocaine supplier

Not content to be invited at the last moment, Nordahl Lelandais also becomes the official cocaine supplier of the evening. Two childhood friends of Lelandais will therefore see him at the reception because it is common knowledge that he has easy access to narcotics. In Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Nordahl Lelandais is really known for that. And that’s good, he replies to the two childhood friends that he has cocaine at the moment and that the groom has just invited him to come back after the meal for the evening.

Under the stroke of half past midnight, Nordahl Lelandais is therefore back at the wedding. Immediately, he prepares coke rails for him and his two friends in the toilets of the party hall. Cocaine which would have had “no effect”, according to him. But then, strangely, his friends don’t see him all evening, no doubt already busy playing with little Maëlys while they are on the dance floor with the adults.

That evening, Lelandais is also wearing a funny outfit for a wedding: a high-cut T-shirt and cropped pants. A very neglected look for a man who is still concerned about his appearance, as described by his friends since the start of the trial. At the helm, master lawyer Yves Crespin therefore compared him to a fisherman, but a fisherman of a particular kind.

A “fisherman” outfit

“His outfit was indeed very casual which will allow him to approach a child more easily. He is not in a tie, he is not in a suit. He is like anyone could be on a sports field, in a playroom, fishing. So it was perhaps easier to approach a victim like that”, he underlines. A theory vigorously refuted by Lelandais, who almost got angry earlier in his box at the Assize Court.

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