Maëva Coucke: her incredible relationship with a Star Academy 2022 candidate

Sunday March 27, 2022, François Bonifaci formalized his relationship with Maëva Coucke on Instagram. Before being in a relationship with Chloé Bleinc’s ex-companion, Miss France 2018 had a relationship with a Star Academy 2022 candidate.

In a relationship with François Bonifaci, Maëva Coucke does not miss an opportunity to strike a pose with her companion on Instagram. If the duo have been in love for almost a year, the young woman had in the past an incredible relationship with a candidate for Star Academy 2022. Wednesday November 30, 2022, Chris and Stanislas were guests on Guillaume Bordas’ YouTube channel. Chris had a secret: “I dated a personality before she became famous.“In all transparency, the young singer confided: “I studied in Nancy, but I often came to Paris. At the time, I liked going to clubs, a big Parisian club. And I met this girl, we talk, we pick up. I say to myself: ‘It’s sure, I don’t have my chance for after’. We date, it’s going well. Unfortunately, this person had to return to his region.“Stanislas then guessed:”And she became a Miss France!In closing, Chris added:But suddenly, she returned to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, I returned to Nancy. I’ve told very few people.

A few days earlier, Chris had confided on the Touche set not at my post, on C8. Faced with Cyril Hanouna, the one who was eliminated at the gates of the Star Academy final, said: “It was a childhood dream. I started watching from the second season, I started singing with the Star Ac and I didn’t think it was going to resume, so when I heard that it was going to resume, I was like, ‘ I have to register. They took me by surprise, they contacted me.“Referring to his elimination, he added:”Personally, I think I have reached the end of this adventure. It may sound silly. They will tell me that I am a waffle. But not at all. I didn’t come to win, but because I had lost self-confidence artistically and personally. And in fact, the teachers and my classmates helped me find that. So I just wanted to go out to go back to the studio and offer my universe.

The couple of Maeva Coucke criticized

At the start of the year, François Bonifaci formalized his relationship with Maëva Coucke. Then, some Internet users had accused Miss France 2018 of having stolen Chloé Bleinc’s companion. Faced with the controversy, François Bonifaci replied: “These messages received are totally unjustified against Maëva and myself. Maëva is one of the people with the most principles and values ​​that I know, because yes, I know her, in real life!“Annoyed, the young man had added:”The people around us know our history. The few people who have taken the time to spit their hatred, without having thought for themselves, are not part of this entourage. So stop judging people by knowing NOTHING. You are completely wrong and I am weighing my words.

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